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Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Worth Buying?

Are cordless lawn mowers worth buying featured

Considering buying a cordless lawn mower.

This article explores whether it’s worth buying one.

For decades the lawn mower has been the go to tool for gardeners. When it comes to maintaining a neatly cut lawn, they’re an essential weapon in every gardeners arsenal. Throughout the years we’ve seen drastic improvements lawn mowers, in terms of both quality and technology. One of the most innovative improvements in technology being cordless lawn mowers.

Are They Worth Buying?

Of course, gas lawn mowers have technically been cordless for a large amount of time. In fact, gas mowers have long been preferential for many gardeners due to unmatched power. This is also combined with the fact electronic mowers tend to come with irritating cables. Never allowing your mind to rest, conscious you may be running out of cable, or conscious you might accidently run over it.

However, electronic lawn mowers are starting to lose this negative stigma.

With vast amounts of newly introduced cordless lawn mowers many people are investing in them.

That’s why we’ve brought you this article which will answer the question; are cordless lawn mowers worth buying? We believe the answer is yes, they are worth it and here’s why:

No more cables

If you didn’t fancy the idea of an electronic lawn mower due to the cables, then it’s fairly obvious cordless lawn mowers have solved all of your problems.


Traditionally, electronic lawn mowers have been sneered at by most due to their lack in power when compared to their gas counterparts. This is no longer the case for many cordless lawn mowers. It’s not unusual for a cordless lawn mower to produce as much power as 160cc gas lawn mowers.

Battery Life

You can get reasonably priced cordless mowers with a very respectable battery life. Decent cordless mowers can last between 45 and 60 minutes off a single charge. This is not to mention the fact the high end cordless mowers tend to come with two batteries. This means that you can keep mowing for twice as long. Even if your mower doesn’t come with two batteries, you can always buy an additional battery for this purpose.

Charing Speed

Of course we’ve all got battery orientated technology these days such as smart phones, which can sometimes feel like they take an age to charge. If you pick up a cordless mower with a decent charge speed, this is not the case.

It’s not uncommon to have your cordless mowers battery charged from within an hour all the way down to 30 minutes.

Meaning by the time you’ve stopped for a break and something to eat, you’re ready to go again.

Environmentally Friendly

Don’t you feel evil using a gas based mower? You know, using up all that precious fuel that we’re quickly running out of… well with battery based cordless mowers, you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders. The fact that you’re charging your battery is a much more eco friendly alternative to using gas each time you need to cut your grass.

Money Saving

This next point ties in with the previous one, after all using gas every time you cut your lawn slowly but surely adds up.

For those with larger sized lawns you might find yourself spending around $5 in gas each time you want to cut your grass. You’ll be pleased to learn that with a cordless mower, it’s more like $5 in electricity for the entire year.

So, if you’re concerned about the price tag associated with a good quality cordless mower, just know it will pay itself off eventually.

Easier to use

You will find that pushing around a larger gas lawn mower, with the extra weight of a fuel tank can sometimes be a difficult task. Especially when you’ve been at it for a few hours, the mower seems to get heavier and heavier with each stride you take.

Luckily, cordless mowers are fairly lightweight often weighing around 30 pounds. This means that with the extra weight saved from ditching things such as a gas tank, you’ll find pushing a cordless mower around the garden nice and easy.

Final Thoughts

We can understand by many peoples sceptical attitudes towards cordless electric lawn mowers. However, with the latest advancements in technology we think it’s time you consider making a change. If not for ease of use for the good of the environment. You can get your hands on a great cordless lawn mower regardless of your budget.

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