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Some Fun Wheelbarrow Uses

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Wheelbarrows are incredibly handy things to have for your garden and/or lawn. They can make moving large, heavy objects around much quicker and easier. The word wheelbarrow describes exactly what it is, a wheel in a front and a “barrow” in the back. The barrow is simply the large container that you fill. Wheelbarrows also have two handles for maneuvering as well as one or two stands for when you set it down. There are several situations where wheelbarrows can make life a lot easier.

Wheelbarrow Uses in the Garden

There are several heavy things that need to be moved around when you are a serious gardener. Soil, compost, fertilizer, and even plants need to be moved from one place to another. Doing so without a wheelbarrow can be very hard on the back. Sometimes, people use rocks and wood pieces as decorative pieces. This can be very beautiful, but again, very hard on the body to move around. Wheelbarrows themselves can be used as a beautiful planter to give your garden a touch of uniqueness.

One great thing about wheelbarrows for gardeners is how easy they are to maneuver. You can easily push one between rows of plants or flowers without doing any damage. If you are doing serious weeding, bringing a wheelbarrow along give you a place to put the weeds. Once you are finished, clean-up is a breeze.

Wheelbarrow Uses in Landscaping

The same reasons gardeners like wheelbarrows apply to landscapers as well, although at a larger scale. On top of moving around soil and compost, a wheelbarrow can be used to move trees, shrubs, bushes, and large amounts of gravel.

Often, landscapers have a lot of heavy equipment they need to bring with them. A wheelbarrow is a great way for moving this stuff around the property quickly and safely. When they are done, they can use one to pack out all of the waste.

Wheelbarrow Uses in Construction

A lot of heavy materials need to be moved around a construction site. Although very simple in design and a bit “old-school,” a wheelbarrow is an irreplaceable tool for construction workers. Bricks, cement, and mortar are all incredibly heavy and no one would want to move it by hand, piece by piece. A lot of “junk” is created at a construction site, and a wheelbarrow is perfect for hauling it away at the end of the day.

Fun Uses for Wheelbarrows

There are many, non-conventional uses for wheelbarrows as well. Many of these make great additions to your outdoor living space. A “wheelable” fire pit is the perfect example.

As long as it is made of metal, you can simply fill the wheelbarrow with firewood and you will have a beautiful piece.

Wheelbarrows can be converted into a “mud pit” for your children. Rather than having them dig around in your garden and ruining your plants, fill a wheelbarrow with dirt and sand toys. It can provide hours of good, wholesome, not-so-clean fun.

A fountain can be made with a wheelbarrow fairly easily. Adding a water feature is a great way to make your outdoor space a very relaxing place. If you are one who likes to barbecue, simply fill a spare wheelbarrow with ice and you have an instant, portable cooler. Speaking of having a BBQ, you can add a detachable lower rack to a wheelbarrow and cook your food right in there. The beauty here is you do not need to take off the wheel, just make sure it isn’t going to move around on you while you are cooking!

If you are a very creative-type, there are even more ambitious garden projects for your garden. You can convert a wheelbarrow into an unconventional but very fun patio chair. Simply remove the wheel, balance it on its handles and legs, and add a few cushions. A wheelbarrow can also make a great canvas for art. Want a unique way to display your house number? Once you have cleaned it out, you can paint it any color and choose an accent color that really pops to give your home a unique feature.

When the holidays roll around, your wheelbarrow can get in on the fun. For Halloween, simply put a decorative skeleton in and fill it halfway with dirt. Come Christmas time, swap that stuff out for some Evergreens topped with some fake snow. Presents, penguins, elves, the options for adding to this decorative option are endless!

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