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Benefits Of Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

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Walk behind leaf blowers have many benefits.

This post explores some of these and brings you a guide to them.

Anyone with a large yard could benefit greatly from having a walk behind leaf blower. They get the job done much faster and rest on wheels rather than your shoulders while it is being done. The walk behind leaf blower can do many jobs to help your yard looking its best all year round.

Are Walk Behind Leaf Blowers Worth It?

The main purpose of a walk behind leaf blower is to clear out leaves in the autumn. They can also be used to clear out other lawn debris. People find them especially useful in the spring for clearing out their yard before laying down sod, grass seed, or fertilizer.

How They Work

Walk behind leaf blowers use forced air to clear leaves and other debris. You can find some that are gas powered and some that are electric. They all come with a motor that spins a fan very quickly to suck in outside air and then blow it back out. You can then aim this forced air to blow away leaves or anything else unsightly in your yard.

These machines are actually quite simple. They consist of an engine, fan, and some sort of housing. All of this sits on convenient wheels. That being said, a lot of time has gone into perfecting how these machines operate to get the best possible results.

Why Use a Walk Behind Leaf Blower

For some users, a backpack or handheld leaf blower will get the job done just fine. For those who need to move very large volumes of leaves and other debris, and want to do it as efficiently as possible, nothing can beat a walk behind leaf blower.

If you purchase a top of the line walk behind, you can expect it to blow four times as much air by even the best backpack leaf blower.

It can do this while still maintaining a high speed, often topping 180 miles per hour.

Gas vs. Electric

You have the option of buying a gas or electric walk behind leaf blower. A gas blower is going to be heavier and create stinky fumes. On the other hand, they are often more powerful. As a result, they are often the choice for landscapers and homeowners with very large yards.

When using a gas-powered leaf blower, it is advisable to wear ear protection.

Electric blowers will either need to have their batteries charged before use or be plugged in. If your yard is smaller, this may be a great option for you. They produce no fumes and require less maintenance. They also tend to be quieter machines.


A walk behind leaf blower is an investment. They can cost quite a bit of money. When you are deciding which leaf blower can fit into your budget, keep in mind maintenance costs. Also remember the costs to operate your new machine, whether it is powered by gas or electricity.

Warranty & Service

It is reasonable to expect an extended warranty on a walk behind leaf blower due to how much they cost. The warranty should cover more than one year. Keep in mind that some products have different warranties for products used at home and products used commercially.

You will likely need to do at least some assembling when buying your new walk behind leaf blower. Read online reviews to see how clear instructions are and what customer support is like for people who have questions.


Although a walk behind leaf blower is designed to get the job done quickly, you still want to make sure you are comfortable while using it. The angle of the handle will be important to help reduce strain and fatigue in your hands and wrists.

You will also want a handle made of a material that is comfortable to grip.

All power lawn care tools vibrate. How much it will vibrate will depend on the quality of the build and the power source. The best way to learn about the amount of vibration you can expect is by reading user reviews online.

Final Thoughts

If you need to remove leaves from a large piece of property, a walk behind leaf blower cannot be beaten. Although they are expensive, many people find they are well worth it when they see how quickly they can get through their yard work. Just be sure to do regular maintenance on your new tool to make sure it lasts you for seasons to come. If you’re looking to buy a walk behind leaf blower, check out our buyers guide here.

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