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7 Great Reel Mower Benefits

7 Reel Mower Benefits Featured Image.

Even with all the modern technology available in modern lawn mowers, reel mowers are still a great option for mowing your lawn. Many people shy away from them due to their “old fashioned” style however, they’re still a very effective tool for mowing your lawn.

Reel Mower Benefits

We will now go on to discuss the advantages associated with using a reel mower for cutting your grass. Below we’ve listed some of the benefits associated with reel lawn mowers:

Low Cost Option

Let’s face it – if you need a cheap lawn mower, you can’t find one any cheaper than a reel lawn mower. On top of the low up-front cost, reel mowers have very few maintenance costs. The only cost you may have is oil for lubrication. You may also need to have it serviced occasionally, but this would be a rare event.

You will not need to buy gasoline or pay for the electricity to charge it.

Takes Little Effort

Surprisingly, a reel mower may be easier to move around your lawn than one with a motor. It is certainly lighter and easier to maneuver. If your grass is particularly long, however, a reel mower may be more difficult than a motor-powered mower. You will not need to stop to empty the bag or add more gasoline, reducing the amount of effort required to mow your lawn.


It will likely take you a little longer to mow your lawn using a reel mower. On the other hand, you will save time by not stopping to refuel or do other maintenance. The amount of time added by using a reel mower will depend greatly on the size of your yard.


If you like to use your grass clippings as fertilizer for your lawn, a reel mower may be perfect for you. The clippings come out nice and even, rather than in giant clumps. As long as you keep up on your mowing, the small amount of grass clippings will not be noticeable to the eye while still being highly beneficial to your yard.


A reel mower is incredibly easy on the environment. There are no nasty carbon emissions. Although people mowing their lawns account for a tiny percentage of carbon dioxide in the environment, everything helps! It is also more pleasant for the person mowing the lawn to not have to smell stinky emissions. The lack of noise is also great for the person mowing the lawn and cuts down on noise pollution.

Grass Health

Your grass will appreciate the fact that a reel mower cuts similarly to scissors. This is a nice clean cut, unlike the tearing and chopping done by most power mowers. Cleanly cut grass is able to heal much more quickly and is less vulnerable to disease and insects.

Lawn Appearance

Many people find they like the way their lawn looks after using a reel mower. It is easier to fine-tune the finish of your lawn when using one. You will likely notice fewer bare patches. Although the quality of reel mowers can vary, even cheap models seem to leave lawns looking great.

The Downside of reel Mowers

Although there is a lot to love about this type of lawn mower, it is important to note that there are a few disadvantages as well. If you have long grass, you will likely need to make several passes before getting it down to the desired length.

Mowing wet grass can also be particularly difficult.

If you decide to go with a reel mower, you will likely find yourself mowing more often. You may find that results make it worth the extra effort.

You will need to become very familiar with your reel mower. Although there is not much to them, it is important that everything is aligned correctly in order for them to do their job. You will need to achieve the perfect distance between your blades as well as the correct blade height. Once you know how to do this, however, it should take you a matter of minutes before you start mowing.

Final Thoughts

Old-fashioned reel lawn mowers are becoming rare to see these days. Everyone seems to think they need a self-propelled gas or electric mower in order to keep their lawn looking sharp. In reality, a reel mower may do a fantastic job for you, depending on the size and incline of your lawn. There are even several advantages to using a reel lawn mower instead of the self-propelled ones that dominate the market now.

There are many people who may benefit from using a reel lawn mower. Whether you are looking to save some money, trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or a just a fanatic about the appearance of your lawn, a reel mower might be the perfect tool for you.

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