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How to Keep Cats off Your Garden Naturally

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Whether or not you are a cat person, you probably do not want them visiting your garden. For a cat, your precious soil can look just like a giant litter box. Unlike other pests, you more than likely want a non-harmful way to deter cats from going to the bathroom in your garden.

6 Ways to Keep Cats off Your Garden

Ways to keep cats off your garden naturally


Luckily, there are several natural ways to keep cats away that are safe for both them and your plants.

Orange Peels

The scent that comes from orange peels can be enough to keep cats away in some cases. They do not seem to like the citrus smell that comes from them. How many orange peels are necessary will depend on the size of the area you are trying to protect.

If your garden is quite large, you may find yourself needing to eat quite a few oranges for this strategy to work. You can cut up the peel into one-inch sections to help it go further. You will want to somewhat bury them under mulch or dirt to keep them in place.

Essential Oils

Due to their incredibly sensitive sense of smell, cats really detest certain strong scents. You can use orange oil, which works as well as the peels from one. Other good scents include rosemary and citronella. Simply mix 10-12 drops of the essential oil with a cup of water. Using an empty spray bottle, something that can be often picked up at your local dollar store, simply spray your mixture over your garden. This causes no harm to your plants.

Create a Cat-Friendly Garden

Although this may seem ridiculous for some, cat-lovers may find the ideal solution in making cats their own garden. By planting catnip, mint, and honeysuckle, you can attract cats to an area you do not mind them being in. You can put a sand or litter box in the area. This option requires some cleanup on your part but can keep your plants, flowers, and veggies safe.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Most cats hate water, so using it to scare them away from your garden can be a very safe and effective method for protecting it. Although this option is a little more pricey, the results are impressive. These infrared sprinklers can detect an animal by either its movement or heat. The range is up to 35 feet.

Once an animal is detected, it shoots out a burst of water. There is also a loud noise and motion, which is pretty terrifying for a variety of animals that may want to cause harm to your garden. Just be sure to turn it off when you go to do your gardening!

Make Your Garden Unpleasant for Paws to Walk On

If your garden is full of lush soil, it will feel like heaven on a cat’s paws. On the other hand, if there are twigs, pine cones, and other prickly things in your garden, the cat may decide to look elsewhere for a bathroom. This is a very cost-effective option that can have amazing results. Just be sure to space out your awkward items so there is no area that is still “cat-friendly.”

Hose Down Your Garden

Cats will continue to go to the bathroom over and over in the same spot if they can smell urine. If you want to discourage a cat from visiting their favorite spot, wash it thoroughly. Using a hose, spray down the area. As long as you aim carefully, this should not have any negative impact on your plants. It is a bonus if you can time it for when you were going to water your garden anyway. Remember, if you have a hose reel then wind it all the way in.

Cats may be attracted to a dangling hose pipe. This will cause them to return for more play time and possibly damage your hose.


This guide is intended to help aid you in preventing cats from accessing your garden. However, it means to do so in the most animal friendly way possible. If you’re really bothered by the cat activity in your garden that’s understandable. However, never take it out on the animals themselves as cruelty to animals is not only morally wrong but against the law.

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