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How Much to Water New Grass Seed

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Giving your new grass seed the right amount of nutrients and water is key to helping it grow into a mature lawn. If you get this wrong, you risk either depriving your lawn or drowning its roots with more water than it can use. We explore how much to water new grass seed to help you get a luscious green lawn.

How Often to Water New Grass Seed

It’s important to be prepared before you’ve even sown the first seed of grass. Watering starts before you’ve planted the seeds and getting this right is vital to help your seeds germinate and grow into the healthy grass you desire.

  1. Before Planting New Seed – a few days before you plant your seed water the planting area to around a depth of 6 or 8 inches.
  2. Immediately After Planting – Water straight after planting the seeds to help dampen the top few inches of soil and keep the seeds moist.
  3. Gauge Rainfall – If you live in an area that receives little rainfall, you can water twice a day (morning and evening) to keep the top layer of soil moist.

How Long Do you Water New Grass

We often get questions surrounding the length of time you should water your lawn. With all grass old or new, it’s important you’re sensitive to your climate conditions and the result it has on your soil moisture. Other factors including shade and the type of soil also dictate how much water your lawn will need. As cautious as you must be to make sure your new grass gets enough water, letting it sit in water will result in root rot so it’s really about finding a balance. If you’ve prepared well, you should find water draining away from the root while leaving the soil moist enough.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with limited rainfall, we’d recommend you water new grass for around ten-minute durations (providing you’ve planted a full lawns worth of grass). This can be done twice a day, morning and evening and as your lawn begins to prosper you can ease off the evening sessions and water primarily during the morning before the weather has warmed up.

If you’re a good timekeeper and have spare time, manually water your lawn. Alternatively, if you’re strapped for time garden sprinklers and irrigation systems are also handy routes.

Best Time to Water New Grass Seed

The best time to water new grass seed is in the morning and evening, these are the parts of the day that temperatures are lowest. This helps avoid water evaporating in the heat of the sun and allows your lawn to absorb as much water as possible.

The single most important key to success for new grass seed is your commitment.

It’s your responsibility to figure out the most efficient way for you to ensure your new lawn gets routinely watered. If you’re more of a hands-on character with plenty of time to spare, manual operation may be preferable. If you’re busier and you’ll struggle to find time for routinely watering a timer or lawn sprinkler would be a better choice. Ultimately, the technology you choose for watering your lawn is irrelevant, the most important thing is that you fully commit to watering your new lawn routinely.

Wrapping Up

Watering new grass is about preparing properly and finding the right schedule for the climate, amount of shade and current soil conditions. Hopefully, this guide has given you a steer in the right direction to getting the new lawn you deserve.

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