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How To Get Rid Of Garden Leaves

How to get rid of garden leaves featured image.

Looking for a way to get rid of garden leaves?

This article explores the best ways for you to get rid of garden leaves.

Fall, is sadly one of lifes certainties and one that comes around every year. With fall comes leaves falling from trees, and not just a few but lots of leaves! You need to know how to get rid of garden leaves in the most effective and least painful way.

After all, they get absolutely everywhere, whether it’s on your beautiful lawn, brand new decking or on your driveway. Which is why we’ve brought you this article.

How to Get Rid of Garden Leaves

When it comes to getting rid of leaves, you’ve got a few options. In this article we’re going to go over the main two options; using a leaf blower, or using a rake.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are a great way to get rid of your leaves. Often raking the garden is considered a chore but weirdly, perhaps due to the sheer power and overall ease of leaf blowers, getting rid of leafs seems fun.

Another good reason to use a leaf blower, is that the end of the blower never needs to touch the surface of the floor you’re blowing. This means that regardless of where the leafs have gathered, you don’t need to worry about your tool, or floor getting scratched.

Finally, we recommend using a leaf blower due to the sheer amount of time it saves you. Regardless of the size of your lawn, drive or decking, you will find getting a leaf blower saves you so much time.

This is especially true for those larger lawns, that seem impossible to rake within a reasonable timeframe.

If you’re looking for a leaf blower checkout the guides we’ve done on walk behind leaf blowers and cordless leaf blowers.

These make leaf clearing as fun as possible. They are also great fun for all the family and you using one tends to go down well with the younger kids while they’re playing in the garden.

When it comes to quickly getting rid of leaves, there’s not a quicker way to do so. Leaf blowers remove vast amount of leaves extremely effectively.


These are slightly pricier than rakes, however you can still get your hands on a great budget leaf blower that will last a long time.


Raking leaves is sadly often the most time consuming method. We’re sure most of you are familiar with a rake, but for those of you who aren’t, it involves effectively scraping the leaves using a long stick with large metal teeth on the end.

It’s often quite a painful process as many people find themselves retracing steps in order to bag up their piles of leaves. If you have an especially large garden, it can almost become undoable with just a rake.

You may also find that raking is unsuitable for the surface containing the leaves. For example, if you’re raking on your drive way, it often makes a nasty grinding sound which can be quite irritating.

Raking leaves from your decking may leave scratches on the wood so we definitely wouldn’t recommend this.


Rakes are relatively inexpensive so they’re not a huge financial investment by any means.

You could hand a rake to your teenage kid, and they would immediately know how one of these work.


Raking can be a time consuming and boring activity. This is especially true for large lawns.

We wouldn’t advise using one of these on delicate wooden surfaces for example, due to the risk of your rake leaving scratches.

Final Thoughts

So to conclude, you might find rakes more suitable for smaller grass areas with a reasonable amount of leaves, whereas leaf blowers can suit any surface and vast quantities of leaves. Using a leaf blower is more likely to be less time consuming than using a rake, but slightly more expensive. Considering the extra time you will spend using a rake every time you remove garden leaves, it’s probably worth just paying a little bit extra for a leaf blower.

It’s for this reason we recommend using a leaf blower to get rid of leaves.

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