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Cordless Leaf Blowers: Pros and Cons

Cordless leaf blowers benefits and disadvantages featured image.

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls that ends up with a bunch of leaves in your garden this may be the post for you. Cordless leaf blowers are a great way to rid your yard of uninvited leafy friends. This post explores the advantages and disadvantages associated with cordless leaf blowers.

Benefits of Cordless Leaf Blowers

Lets start with the positive. One of the main benefits of cordless leaf blowers is no cables! That means no need for you to continuously checking how much length you’ve got left. That’s right, you can take them wherever you want. Furthermore, without being constrained to a radius of your nearest power point!

Another key benefit of cordless leaf blowers is they’re low cost. Gone are the days of these being a large financial investment. Regardless of your budget (providing you’re willing to spend at least 50 bucks) you can pick one up.

Like anything with added functionality and quality comes a higher price. You can still spend a lot of money on a cordless leaf blower, but you aren’t forced to with great budget options available.

Another great thing about cordless leaf blowers is you get a choice of power options. For those of you who want raw power you can get great gas powered leaf blowers.

For those of you who are more casual and perhaps environmentally friendly consider battery powered leaf blowers. These are great because you don’t end up smelling of gas, and most battery are pretty long lasting.

Our final cordless leaf blower benefit is the fact that they’re light. Many people find strength being a deterrent. Yet, modern day leaf blowers are by no means heavy. You can pick cordless leaf blowers up that way no more than 5lbs.

Disadvantages of Cordless Leaf Blowers

Now as you know from what you’ve just read cordless leaf blowers come with a bunch of great benefits. They do come with a couple of disadvantages unfortunately.

You need to be conscious of those around you. In particular we’re talking about your neighbours. Thinking of using the blower during the early morning or evening? There’s not a more sure fire way to get your neighbours angry. It’s definitely worth being considerate when using your blower. Like any other loud garden tool, it’s not only you who’s going to hear all the noise.

If you don’t have neighbours or don’t care about what they think you still need to be considerate. You need to make sure you comply with your local regulations on usage.

Check this page out for an example of these regulations for Irvington, New York[1]. It’s worth checking your local areas regulations and can be done with a quick search online.

On the topic of being considerate you also need to make sure you and others around you are protected during use. For example, if you have a child or pet running around the yard be sensible. Dust particles and debris is likely to be flying everywhere during use. You need to make sure no one is at danger during your use of the leaf blower.

This actually includes yourself. It’s a bit of a bore but make sure you wear the right protective great. Masks are a great way to prevent dust flying up into your face. Safety goggles are vital to protect that precious eye sight.

Final Thoughts

Cordless leaf blowers are an excellent investment and a great way to rid your yard of leaves. Now you know the pros and cons of using one. Remember there’s plenty of benefits associated with them. However, you always need to be considerate in your use and ensure the safety of yourself and others.



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