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The Best Rear Tine Tillers

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Due to the additional features that rear tine tillers come with they tend to be a little pricier than front tine tillers. This is why it’s important you know what you’re looking for before buying one. In this post, we review some excellent options.

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YardmaxChampionTroy Blit
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The Best Rear Tine Tillers For The Money

Best Rear Tine Tillers List.


Rear tine tillers can be expensive bits of equipment so it’s important you do your research. You need to consider various factors such as tiller size, how well the tiller maneuvers  and the comfort of using it. This is why brought you this review section, to provide product information on various great quality tillers.

We’ve rounded up 6 of the best rear tine tillers that you’ll be sure to love.


Something we love about this rear tine tiller is the choice of 7 depth adjustments. The 18″ wide rear tine has a 6.5″ working depth to cover as much ground it can as quickly as possible.

You can actually operate this tine tiller with just the use of a single hand. This is very useful for those tight spaces which will require opeation from the side of the tiller.

This can easily cut through stoney soil and anything else that’s put in its way. It has 13″ self-sharpening tines which remove the need for you to sharpen it. It’s very mobile and and its weight is sat on 13 inch pneumatic wheels.

The forwards rotation is great for cultivation and the counter rotation is fantastic for deeper soil tilling. The high power engine creates 9.50 ft-lbs gross torque combined with rotational speed of 190 rpm.

The self proppeled system for driving this tiller gives you real ease of use and takes much of the work out of using it.

Poulan Pro 960920037

This machine is smaller but still mighty. It would be a great option for anyone who struggles to push around heavier rear tillers. Overall, it was designed to be easy to use for anyone. In fact, you can operate it with one hand from either side of the tiller.

With this product, you get 13-inch counter-rotating tines. Backing the tines up is enough power to quickly break up uncultivated soil. This rear rototiller has forward and reverse modes. The reverse mode is designed to easily transport your tiller.

The handle on this can be adjusted, meaning it can be customized to your gardening needs. The depth stake is also adjustable. It allows you to control both the depth and the speed.

On this rear tiller, you get the LCT Over Head Valve Engine. What’s great about this engine is runs cooler than most. This helps it last longer.

It also runs cleaner, making it more pleasant to use.

The engine gives you enough power to break up even the most compact soil, as well as any small roots or clay you may come across.

Coming with a 2-year warranty, this rear tiller would be very handy for any homeowner who is serious about gardening.

Husqvarna CRT900

This tiller has a 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine. It is smaller than the one in the previously mentioned model, and that is reflected in the big drop in price. With 14″, this is a good choice for small to medium gardens.

You can easily start the engine with one pull. It runs smoothly and doesn’t pull too badly. Even though it has enough power to get the job done, it is easy on the ears. The handling will leave most customers satisfied.

Shifting between the gears is easy. Some users report an occasionally grinding of the gears when they don’t mesh together properly. This tiller has one forward gear, reverse, and neutral.

How easy it is to assemble this product will depend on your familiarity with these machines. The part that seems to cause people the most problems is attaching the handle. In most cases, it can be put together in as little as half an hour.

Overall, this is a very affordable tiller considering its functionality.

It still has the power to get the job done and seems to get mostly positive feedback from users. For people who garden as a hobby, this is a great investment.

Troy-Blit GC160

Powered by a strong 160cc GC160 Honda Engine. This provides enough power to plough through the rockiest and roughest terrain.The 13″ x 5″ AG tires help with this and give the tiller that extra durability.

The tines and blades are 10 inches in size and provide up to a 16 inch tilling with, and a 6 inch depth. The tine shield is 17 inches in size. This gas powered tiller comes with a cast iron trqasmisison along with a bronze gear drive.

This tiller is backed by a 2 year limited warranty meaning should something go wrong you can contact the supplier for a repair or replacement.

This comes with recoil start making operation of the tiller as smooth as possible.

Champion Rear Tine Tiller

Despite being one of the cheapest tillers on our list this tiller has a lot to love. The engine is 212cc. It has a 19″ tilling width and an 8″ tilling depth. There are four 13.8 inch steel tines to make sure the job gets done. They are dual rotating to help tackle even the most stubborn soil.

One great feature is the ability to adjust the tilling width. You can use one machine for both narrow rows in your garden and wide paths through your lawn.

The transmission is one of the most impressive parts of this machine. Housed in a cast iron case, the transmission itself is also cast iron. It is gear driven to make your job easier.

With the self-propelling wheels, this is one of the easiest to use rear tine tillers you will find. They are 13″ inches so they can easily get over any terrain your garden or lawn throws it way.

Like a lot of rear tillers, this product comes with a limited 2-year warranty. During those 2 years, you can take it to any of the nationwide Champion service centers for repair. As an added bonus, you get a lifetime of technical support

Southland SRTT196E

This is an excellent heavy duty tiller with pneumatic tyres allowing it to easily get over any rough terrain it’s presented with. The tires also help with it’s ease of mobility, as you can see they’re a great size at 13 inches.

You don’t need to worry about removing your tines to sharpen them. This is down to the self sharpening counter rotating tines that come with this tiller.

This comes with an 11 inch tine diameter and a 10 inch depth. This is enough to chew up rocky soil nice and easily and fly through difficulties such as underground roots.

It also comes with a two year limited warranty. This is great and gives you peace of mind with the purchase. Remember to check the terms and conditions of the warranty should you have any concerns.

The engine on this tiller is 196 cc with a forward and reverse system for gears.

It’s also CARB compliant as well as EPA cetified.

Our Pick

So far we’ve reviewed 7 excellent rear tine rototillers but now it’s time to pick our favorite.

This one was really difficult, but after careful consideration we decided that the YARDMAX YT4565 is the best rear tine tiller on our list.

Here’s a few reasons why: 

  • We feel this holds the best value for money considering its small price tag compared to some of the other options.
  • With price considered it packs a very impressive 19″ width and 208cc engine.
  • You get dual rotation and single handed operation.

How to Find The Best Rear Tiller

Best Rear Tine Tiller Buyers Guide.


For a serious gardener, or just someone wanting to do some serious gardening, a rear tiller is a great tool. There are a variety of rear tine tillers on the market, at a variety of price points and quality level. No matter what one you choose, you are looking at spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. You definitely don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse with this purchase. This guide is designed to highlight the things to look for in a rear tiller.

What is a Rear Tine Tiller?

Great for large open areas rear tine tillers are constructed with the engine up front and the tines towards the back of the machine. With self propelled wheels and the ability (on some models) for tines to rotate in both directions, they are a powerful tool for breaking up ground.

If you don’t fully understand what a rear tine tiller is check out this great post.

Why Buy a Rear Tiller?

With the hefty price tag, you may wonder why so many gardeners decide to invest in a rear tiller. Here is a summary of the best features:

  • They are driven by the engine, making them far more powerful than front tine tillers.
  • The tiller works independently from the wheels, allowing for forward or counter-rotating action.
  •  Their tires are usually bigger and offer more stability.
  •  There are often shields, or bumpers, around the tiller to improve your safety.
  •  Many come with adjustable depth regulators. This means you can work efficiently no matter what the job is.

Tilling Depth and Width

It may seem like you want the biggest rear tiller available, but that may not be the case. It is true that a nice wide tiling width will get the job done quicker. On the other hand, very wide tillers can be difficult to control. Keep in mind your personal strength. Ultimately, you need to balance efficiency with ease of use.

You will find that many rear tillers have adjustable depths. This is a great feature. Be sure the maximum depth is pretty significant, at least 10″ would be ideal. Some things you may want to plant in your garden will require very deep soil in order to thrive.

Tine Rotation

There are three common ways your rear tiller’s tines may rotate. Some are “standard” and rotate forward. Others are considered counter-rotating. Better still, you can find dual rotating rear tine tillers that can do both.

Counter-rotating tines are considered better than standard ones for most jobs. They stabilize the tiller better, giving you better control and letting you get the job done quicker. If there is a lot of clay in the area you plan to till, counter-rotating is the way to go. Standard tines work well, but may make you work harder.

If you only need to dig down 5″ or less, standard tines will get the job done.

A dual rotating tiller gives you the best of both worlds. They are often more expensive, so it ultimately depends on your budget and the types of soil you will be working with.

If you want to get really fancy, there are also vertical dual rotating tines. Unlike most tiller tines, these dig down and spin like beaters on a mixer. They are more efficient. Additionally, they are more efficient, smoother, and will be quieter.


The engine is one of the most important pieces of any machine. Without a high-quality one, you cannot produce high-quality results. You will most commonly see two types of engines on rear tillers, 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

A 2-stroke engine is very powerful. That is pretty much the only advantage of it. They are much louder than 4-stroke engines. They are also far less fuel-efficient. Worst of all, they tend to be more prone to breakdowns.

Then you have the 4-stroke engines. They are still powerful, but better with fuel usage. One reason for this is you mix the fuel with oil. This adds an extra step to using your tiller, but it is worth it to reduce fuel consumption. This machine will be much more quiet and reliable for you.

You can find high quality tillers with both types of engines, although 4-stroke engines are considered to be more desirable.


The transmission on your rear tiller will determine how many speeds, or gears, you can get out of it. Ideally, you will have at least three: forward, reverse, and neutral.

In reverse, you will not be tilling, but it is still an essential feature. Without it, you may find yourself stuck.

” Tillers can weigh 200 pounds and up, so moving one backwards without a reverse gear would be difficult to say the least.

A neutral gear makes transporting your tiller much easier.

For moving forward and tilling, you will find models that come with multiple forward speeds. There may be situations that this comes in handy. Keep in mind that the more complicated the transmission is, the more potential for problems it will have.

Electric vs. Manual Start

Manual starts are similar to how lawn-mowers are usually started. You pull a cord and fire it up. Newer models of rear tillers have electric starts that just require the push of a button. This is handy, but you need to ask yourself how important it is to you.

The biggest reason to give this some consideration is price.

Choosing an electric start will cost you more money, probably a few hundred dollars. Consider how easily you could manage a manual start and how much the convenience of an electric start might mean to you.


Since you are moving through dirt, good tires are a must on tillers. A good set of tires will help improve your control and maneuverability. You will want tires that are at least 13″.

You need tires that will work for you in any soil type. There should be a good balance of flotation and traction. If you live in an area with a lot of clay in the soil, good traction is especially important.

One of the biggest advantages of a rear tine tiller is that the engine is moving the tires. You job is simply to guide them.


The handlebars on your rear tine tiller will either be fixed or adjustable. The obvious advantage of an adjustable handlebar is it can be customized to your height. They may increase your price tag, however. A fixed handlebar is not necessarily going to be uncomfortable.

Drag Bar

Not all rear tillers will come with a drag bar, but it is a great feature to have. Essentially, the run behind your tiller and make sure you are working at a consistent depth. For convenience, they can be adjusted to different depths depending on the soil you are working with and what you are going to be planting.


This feature is designed to improve your safety while using a rear tine tiller. It increases the stability of the machine while you use it. By adding to the balance, it prevents the tiller from jerking while you are using it.

Final Thoughts On Rear Tine Rototillers

You may be wondering why you should go with a rear tine tiller over a cultivator. If you have a large area to work on, or tough soil, a cultivator is just no match for a rear tiller in power and efficiency.

If you carefully consider everything listed above, you are sure to find a rear tiller that will get the job done for you. Despite common belief for some gardeners,  Investing in a top-quality rear tiller is similar to investing in a wheelbarrow as it will help you with your gardening projects for years to come.

Although they are pricey, the prevent you from having to spend hours digging up your garden with a shovel or a spade. That alone makes it worth it!

For more information on rear tillers we recommend reading this article on the different types.

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