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Best Push Mower under 300 Featured Image

The Best Push Mower Under $300

Looking for the best push mower under 300 dollars?

This post looks at some of the best on the market and brings you a buyers guide.

We found the Greenworks 25322 to be the best push mower under $300. To find out why keep reading!

The products listed in the table above were ranked based on personal experience combined with consumer research. As you can see from the scores they rank pretty closely. Regardless of the push mower you choose from this article, they are all great quality.

Best Push Mowers Under 300 Dollars

Best push mowers under 300 list


Finding a great push mower under $300 isn’t as simple as you may think. You need to do your research in order to know what you’re looking for. You need to consider various factors such as running time if it’s batter powered, how big the blade span is and the size of the mower itself. Below is a list of the 4 best push mowers under 300 dollars.

Greenworks 25322

Battery Included – Comes with a good quality battery which is compatible with multiple other tools.

2 in 1 – Comes with rear bagging along with mulching capability for varied usage.

Long lasting – Cuts up to 400m2 on a single charge.

16 inch cutting deck – This makes it perfect for use in medium sized yards.

Multiple Height – Ranging between 1-1/4 and 3-3/8 this can cut at multiple heights.

Greenworks MO40L2512

Multi Function – mulches, bagging and rear discharges.

Good Battery Life – Long durability and running time as it comes with two 40v batteries. That means you can just charge them both up and when runs out switch it straight over.

Dual Battery Port – Allows storage of the other battery so you have storage for swapping batteries over as mentioned above.

21 Inch Deck – Robust 21 inch steel deck is great for letting you keep on top of your garden.

Sun Joe MJ401C

Suits Most Lawns – Best used on small to medium lawns

Easy Start Up – Push button built in & LED battery indicator.

Several Cut Heights – Choose cut height using 3-level manual height adjustment

Safety Settings – Accidental starts prevented with removable safety key.

Good Battery Life – Great performance with 28 V rechargeable battery for continuous mowing of up to a quarter acre each charge.

Peace of mind – full warranty for 2 years.


Long Lasting Battery – A single charge can cut up to 6,000 square feet of grass

Easy To Move – At just 33 pounds you won’t struggle getting this around your garden.

Multi Function – Functions include: bags, mulches and rear discharges.

Easy Battery Removal – Being able to remove the battery easily allows you to charge battery without mower.

Push To Start – Very easy to start with a push button mechanism, no more pull cords!

Battery Level Indicator – See your current battery level easily and quickly.

Push Mowers Under $300 Buyers Guide

Best Push Mowers Under 300 Buyers Guide


There are several things you should consider before purchasing a lawn mower for your yard. Some of these include how to use it and what you should do once you have bought it. You also need to know how to maintain it for a longer lifespan.

One of the biggest advantages of a lawn mower is the health and beauty it gives your yard.

Today, lawn mowers are a part of every household and not only for homeowners who live in the countryside but also for those who live in the city and have a small yard. The green and fresh grass are always nice to look at and it increases the beauty of the yard.

Who would have thought that a clean and well-preserved lawn is not only for decoration but it’s also good for our health? Did you know that the fresh smell of cut grass has valuable benefits on our physical health and the green color is good for the emotional state of a person? Which is one of the reasons why people who live in the city seem more stressed and more negative in comparison to people who live in the countryside?

As bright colors make your life brighter and green color relaxes the nerves and is also good for the heart. Thus maintaining and mowing your lawn is not only nice to look at but for a lot of things.

Cost is an important consideration. When looking to purchase a lawnmower you should always make sure that the battery and charger are included in the total price.

Benefits of Cordless Push Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers have many benefits and features which makes them a convenient tool for your home. These benefits are not limited to the low running costs and lack of cables:

” They are quiet, clean, and easy to use plus they don’t need gas or oil change or the need for spark plugs.

What to Avoid When Purchasing A Push Mower?

Not too long ago the weekends were for sweating the roar of a motorized lawn mower that would cover you in fumes. Though today cordless options have improved significantly providing more power worth for a standard household tool.

Large lawn and Large Mowing Width

Lawnmowers that hold a wide cutting width means less time needed to mow the lawn and more time to enjoy your weekend. Motorized mowers usually have a wide cutting of 40-50 cm. in diameter. Whereas a cordless and battery powered model have cutting widths of 30-40 cm in diameter. Though the difference of 20 cm. might not seem like much if you are a proud owner if a small yard, large yard owners will definitely notice when they will be making many more runs for every mowing session.

Two and Four Stroke

Small gas lawnmowers are usually two or four strokes. Two stroke machines are generally simple in their design and have lesser parts. This makes them both reliable and compact. Though two-stroke machines produce more pollution as they run on a combination of gas and oil.

Four-stroke machines are more complex run on unleaded gas and produce less pollution.

What To Look For in a Great Push Mower?


Your lawnmower should be comfortable enough to hold and should allow you to adjust to your height. Turned up handles are easier on the wrist and gives more control over the mower. The controls should be close enough to touch and see. The engine control lever should on the handlebar side and should be easy to use and access.

Cutting Height

The cutting height should also be easy to adjust and include different options. Your lawnmower should be easy to push and steer in any condition you use it. Big wheels make it easier to handle on the rocky ground and a lighter model is easier to steer and push. The catcher should include two handles for carrying and emptying. It should be made of rigid plastic to avoid being showered with dust. Height adjustment is a feature of all the best quality push lawn mowers, don’t settle for one without this.

Battery Life

This obviously only applies if you’ve opted for a cordless push mower. The heart of a cordless lawnmower is the battery so keep an eye out for the power and quality. Many models carry lead-acid batteries while there are some that have Nicad batteries and would be best to avoid these as they don’t hold much charge capacity. Some models have a fixed battery and some have batteries that you can remove to recharge. As those are two options that you will need to decide which one is more convenient for you.

When looking for cordless push mowers look out for battery indicators.

This feature is very useful as this will let you know when the battery of your lawnmower is running low.


Most models have handles that can be folded down to make storing easier. But keep in mind that they can be heavy and it might be difficult to store in your garage.

Catcher vs Mulcher

Catcher lawnmowers create grass clippings that are longer and need to be removed as not to suffocate the mowed grass. Mulch mowers create more compost by cutting grass and forcing the clippings down between the blades of the grass and back into the yard. A good mulch mower will make your lawn look beautiful and neat with no clumps and clippings when finished.

Final Thoughts

So, now hope you know everything you need to about push mowers. We hope this article has helped you weight up the pros and cons and decide if it’s worth it. If you buy a push mower under 300 dollars featured in this article you’re guaranteed to end up with a great quality mower.

Or you may have your eye on one that’s not mentioned in this article. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck with your new push mower. For more information on push mowers and lawn mowers in general read this wiki post.

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