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The Best Pruning Shears for Pruning Trees

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A pair of pruning shears have to be one of the most effective easily portable tools around. Whether you’re new to gardening or consider yourself a seasoned professional, they’re one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. In this article, we’ve rounded up what we consider to be the best pruning shears available to date. Later in the post we’ve written a guide on what exactly makes a great pair of pruning shears!

We found the Felco F-13 Classic to be the best pruning shears on the market. Keep reading to find out why!

Best Pruning Shears For Pruning Trees

Best Pruning Shears


Finding a great quality pruning shears isn’t as simple as popping into your local gardening store and picking the first pair you see. You need to know what you’re looking for. There’s various factors to consider such as comfort of the handle, safety locks and blade quality. Below is a list of the 6 best pruning shears on the market which you will be sure to love.

Felco F-13

This is a single hand pruner. However, the extra long cutting blade handle allows you to hold this with two hands when required. Normal pruning shears often become difficult to use for prolonged periods of time or heavy use. Due to the ability to switch between one and two hands, it makes pruning for long periods much easier. Non-slip grip makes this easy to hold, and the cushion-shock absorber means it’s a lot more comfortable to use. The hand and wrist protection also enforces the comfort aspect of this pruner. There’s no questioning the durability of these pruning shears, made of high quality hardened steel.

Felco F11 Narrow Blade Pruner

This pruning shears come with shock absorber and designed to prevent wrist fatigue. If you go through blades quickly, no problem! The blade is attached with screws and very simple to remove. Typically these are attached with rivets. This makes the blades much easier to replace on this pruner. The narrow anvil is a big help when it comes to cutting twiggy branches, which are easier to access and help you to get a close cut. Overall these are a great pair of pruning shears offering a good cut capacity and we feel they’re very well rounded.


If you’re looking for a nice simple set of pruners these pair make an excellent choice. Just squeeze the handles to open them, and you won’t have to worry about them going blunt any time soon as they blades stay sharp for impressive durations. The chrome plating gives you that additional protection often needed to prevent sap build up and also help to protect them against rust. These feel great in the hand and are nice and comfortable to use.

Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

When it comes to purchasing a pair of pruning shears, you want your investment to last. You can be sure this is the case with these as they’re made of strong steel. It’s also amazing how sharp these really are. This is partly thanks to the blades being made of high-carbon Japanese SK-5 steel, you can be sure that these will cut through most things with ease.

With lifetime warranty you can rest easy knowing if anything goes wrong with your pruners you can get a free replacement. If this doesn’t give you peace of mind, these pruners also come with a free extra blade! We also love the handle, designed to fit your hand well, with non slip rubber grips and an easy to use thumb lock.

Heavy Duty Secateur Hand Pruner 120S

This pruners blades are built with precision, and made for the best possible cutting leverage with sharpness that last for a long time. The hard chrome plating means that these pruners are very strong and rust resistant. Sometimes poor quality pruners can prove difficult to clean; you don’t have to worry about that with these. The wipe clean blades make this product nice and easy to maintain. You also get a non-slip handle designed to help prevent fatigue in your hand and wrist.

Mp Home Garden Shears

One of the first points we’ll touch on with these pruners is how safe they are. They can be safely adjusted when it’s time to sharpen. Built with hand and wrist protection to prevent you from injury. As many pruners do, this comes equipped with a push button safety lock. These are as solid as they are safe, made from hardened steel so you can be assured this is a very robust pair of pruners.The elasticity in the power-assisted spring is so strong that it makes using these a pleasure. The anti-stick design helps to prevent sticking on sappy wood, with a powerfully resistant blade.

Pruning Shears Buyers Guide

Pruning Shears Buyers Guide.


Whether you call them pruning shears or secateurs, these are a vital part of every gardeners tool kit. They’re a versatile tool that can be used for pruning most things.

With vast amounts of choice on the market, it can be difficult finding the best pruning shears out there. Especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

What are Pruning Shears?

A secateurs, also known as a pruning shears, is a device that is commonly used to prune and are operated by one hand. They can be used to prune everything from tree branches, vines, shrubs and a large host of other types of unwanted growths. This tool can come in all shapes and sizes which alter the specifications of its intended use. Whether be it the size of the handles, type of the blade, overall design or the material that it was constructed from, different variations of the tool will produce different very different outcomes.

Some are specifically designed to trim very small and thin vines to fairly thicker tree branches.

Others have larger handles to increase cutting powers and different types of springs to slightly change the amount of force that can be exported in a single cut. In essence, this is a landscaper’s best friend and weapon in maintaining a high-quality landscape. They are also extremely useful in reaching places that are mostly hard to get to and add an extra layer of perfection. Essentially, no garden is fully complete without this very handy tool being in the repertoire.

However, it is highly important that a customer is armed with the proper knowledge in order to get the best deal possible, have the best gardening experience possible and save the highest amount of money possible. Here is a guide that should help any gardener distinguish between the various types of pruning shears, tell how to differentiate online prices, what to avoid, why you should buy one and a myriad of other important parcels of useful advice.

Benefits of Pruning Shears

Though it is a relatively common tool, it can often be overlooked as the essential device that it is. this can be the most valuable tool in a gardener’s armoury when it comes to maintaining a sleek and clean garden and overall landscape. Many of the outgrown vines or branches that taint an otherwise perfect landscape can often only be eliminated by pruning shears.

They are not quite as taxing on your arms, forearms, and wrists as their larger counterparts, the loppers can often be.

They can often be stored effectively due to their relatively small size and are often cheap.

Pruning can often be a tedious act and doing it by hand is incredibly frustrating and difficult. This is actually the perfect labor-saving device that will, in the long run, save you time, energy and make gardening a much more enjoyable experience.

Different tools are going to work better for specific individuals, so some potential benefits should definitely be weighted higher than others depending on the circumstances. Unlike other manual tasks that occur in the garden, secateurs are much easier to manage and cause you to be much less sore in the morning when compared to other devices of a similar nature. Being able to keep a hyper-tidy garden not only looks very aesthetically pleasing to the guys but can further facilitate better results for whatever you have chosen to plant. Rooting out weeds can free up more space for your desired plants to thrive, therefore building an all-around better garden.

Considerations Before Buying Pruning Shears

There are a wide array of factors to take into account to aid your decision in which pruning shears to purchase.


Many are given a warranty of up to ten years, helping either assure a quality product or put your mind at peace if it ever breaks down in the near term. Everything from the handles, the sharpness of the blades and events vertical inclination have to be taken into account to have the best and most effective experience as possible.


Things like the size of the hands can alter what to buy as the length of the handle often varies. People with larger hands may find operating a regular size pruning shears a complete and frustrating waste of time. It is also important to consider which hand you are going to use to operate the secateur. A person who is left-handed should purchase a pruning shears that has been specifically designed for a left hand. These are not to be confused with loppers, which is the two-handed counterpart of the secateur.

Design Type

It is also important to consider what type of overall design to choose. There are two primary designs: An anvil, which means the blades smash into one another and break off the item by raw force.

” This makes the cutting force a lot more manageable, especially on thicker branches.

On the flip side, a bypass pruner “bypass” one another when they make the initial cut.

This usually involves one of the blades being curved to allow them to pass by one another but still get the job done in the end. These can often be used for much sharper cuts and can work much better on smaller objects that have less girth. These are also idea for scenarios where the place is hard to reach and may need to involve awkward cut angles that prevent your hand and wrist form exerting their full force.

Some are also made to have replaceable parts, so if money is tight, this is an incredibly smart economic choice that will be much cheaper in the long run. The less common but still useful third design is called “ratchet pruners.” These are in-between loppers and traditional secateurs. Usually, they are much heavier and larger in size but can handle much thicker branches, sometimes up to 5 inches!


Also, going to websites where secateurs are sold can also help serve as a roadmap on which one to buy. Some are riddled with negative reviews, claiming that the tool broke or the people who were supposed to replace them after a breakdown under warranty were very hard to communicate with. On the other hand, many are absent any such negative reviews and have been alluded to nothing but praise.

Reading buyer reviews can help you avoid many of the mistakes that others have made.

Also, looking into the costs to replace certain parts of the tools, especially the electric ones with expensive batteries and complex moving parts, can do wonders on your pocketbook and help make your gardening experience a far more frugal one.

What Makes the Best Pruning Shears?

As mentioned earlier, some pruning shears have certain specialties and a some are even designed for very narrow uses. As mentioned earlier, there are several different types of blades to alter their performance. However, some blades are better and can do a higher number of tasks in a more efficient manner.

Cutting Diameter

Many of these pruners cut up to 2 cm in thickness, but larger ones can often cut several centi-meters deeper. Therefore, if you are pruning a tree with unusual thickness, it may be important that you buy a secateur that can cut deeper than average.

The most common blade crafted from stainless steel. Noting the cutting diameter can be the most important decision that you end up making.

Blade Quality

While it is very strong, durable and will get most jobs done, these blades are usually considered lower end and not expected to last as longterm as other types.

The highest degree of quality and craftsmanship come in the form of blades that have been coated with titanium.

These blades will resits decay to a greater extent, can cut thicker objects and can perform a host of other tasks better. These are often lighter and easier to operate, thus causing the job to go by a lot quicker.

Spring Loaded

Also, having a spring loaded mechanism can definitely help with some the operation of the tool and the effect that it has on your wrist. Many of the handles also have grooves for fingers to make operating it a much more comfortable experience that does not punish your hands and wrists.

Furthermore, other factors that only experienced gardeners and landscapers know can definitely assist in a more streamlined and positive experience. Many of the cheaper end tools take their time shutting, drastically reducing how quickly you can operate.

Adjusting pruning shears can also be a pain that will only increase in intensity depending on how it was initially assembled.

Adjustability and Safety

Some are easily adjustable and others have safety features like a safety catch that can help safeguard against any unfortunate accidents but making replacing certain parts a more difficult experience.

Locking mechanisms are also very useful. This mechanism allows for the tool to lock in an open position for an extended period of time. This can also act as an extra safeguard that allows you to rest easy.

Other Considerations

they type of quality that you are looking for is also highly dependent on the type of tree branch or vine that you are planning to cut. Some secateurs are designed for smaller users and can be fit into your back pocket. Others are much larger and therefore more difficult to store.

It is also important to note some have powered blades that are not only cordless, can be used at a much quicker pace, thus making them ideal for tasks that would other subsume large quantities of time.

Those that are battery powered are rechargeable and come in various different sizes.

Some last significantly longer than others, making your purchase dependent on how much money you think you should spend.

What Should be Avoided When Buying Pruning Shears?

If the blade, handle or any other aspects show signs of faulty craftsmanship or premature decay, they should be avoided at all cost. It is also important to avoid springs that have either begun to break down and appear very unstable, as that could potentially cause a very painful accident.

Weak Blades

Definitely avoid a blade that looks like it has begun to rust for both quality and health reasons. Pruning shears that have no vertical inclination can wreak havoc on your wrists. This is especially true after long-term use. If you plan to use them for a considerable length of time. It would be in your interests that you buy one with a vertical inclination to save wear and tear on your own body.


Also, high prices on lower or mid-tier quality products should also be noted. While pruning shears can range from forty to one-hundred dollars because many sellers can often overprice their stock in order to full unprepared customers and make a bigger buck. Therefore, assessing the quality of the tool in question and checking the prices of multiple websites can ensure that you bet the most out of your hard spent money.

Replacable Parts

Also, many companies manufacture secateurs in order to make their parts irreplaceable. So consequently that is also a very important factor to consider. This also makes it much more of a task to try and disassemble the tool to clean the individual parts. Typically they increase as the price rises. This is not always shown and a trained buyer can discern a steal from a con.

Final Thoughts on Pruning Shears

These tools are truly one of a kind and having sufficient knowledge can a big difference. Potentially, even be the difference from having an average garden or landscape to having an absolute superb one. It is important to maintain this tool for continued reliability and reduced decay.

We always suggest cleaning them on a regular basis. Using as instructed and maybe professionally sharpening them on occasion can all increase the shelf-life of any secateur!

It is also important to have straight cuts and avoiding the temptation to try and twist the secateur. This is a common temptation if you cannot have a clean cut the first time around.

This can often dislocate the gears and cause them to break, sometimes instantly.

Buying a secateurs can be an easy. They’re generally just an all-around effective tool that can serve you for many years to come. While there are tons of smaller details. From how to replace parts from certain types of blades to more technical aspects of the design. We hope this article has helped you with your buying decision.

For further information on pruning shears checkout this wiki page.

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