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Best Inexpensive Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

house with a small yard.

Yards no matter how large or small they are can be great places to relax and get some downtime. However, they need maintaining, and a large part of this involves keeping on top of your lawn. If you’ve got a particularly small yard, the good news is you won’t need to splurge too much on a lawn mower, with plenty of budget-friendly options available. In this post, we’ve rounded up what we believe to be some of the best inexpensive lawn mowers for small yards.

The Best Inexpensive Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

If you’ve got a small yard the excellent news is you won’t need to spend a considerable amount of time or money on maintaining it. If your small yard has a lawn then you’ll need to get your hands on something to stay on top of it. This means buying a mower that’s suitable for the job and hopefully doesn’t break the bank. This is where we come in.

Below we’ve listed 4 of the best budget lawn mowers that are great for use in small yards.

Greenworks 25142 16-Inch 10 Amp

First on the list, we’ve got the powerful 25142 lawn mower from Greenworks. In terms of the cutting deck, it spans 16 inches, which is ample enough for the vast majority of small yards. You’re also blessed with multi capabilities to mulch, or discharge the grass from the rear should you need to.

This is a cord powered mower which spans a maximum of 150 feet, if you need any more than that you might need to re-evaluate the size estimations you have for your yard. If you’re looking for a mower with multiple cutting height choices, you’ll be pleased to know you get a choice that varies from 5/8 inches to 2-5/8 inches. On the wheels side you get a 7 inch rear set and a 6-inch front set. This is a very well rounded lawn mower and we’re impressed with the overall quality of it given the reasonable price tag.

Earthwise 50518 18-Inch 12-Amp

Next on the list we’ve got an excellent mower from Earthwise. This particular model is the 18 inch bladed version, which should easily be enough for small yards. That said, if you are looking for something slightly bigger then a 20-inch version is also available. You get a 12 amp motor which is easily powerful enough for smaller sized yards, especially if you keep on top of the lawn regularly.

This is a mower that also offers height adjustment which ranges from 1.75 inches up to 4 inches in height. It also has dual functionality when it comes to side discharge and mulching. It’s a comfortable mower to use thanks to the cushioned grip and rolling around in 7-inch wheels makes it nice and easy to control. This is another very good lawn mower available for a really reasonable price.

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11-Amp

The next affordable lawn mower for small yards to make the list is the 50514 from the American Lawn Mower Company. This features a 14-inch cutting width, and a height adjustment ranging from 1 inch to 2.5 inches. Again, you get discharge from the rear or mulching options.

The grass bag that comes with this mower is great as it stores up to 16 gallons and has a level indicator so you know when it’s time to empty it. This is a very comfortable mower to use, with a variation of handle heights available making it perfect for gardeners regardless of their height or arm length. Overall the 50514 is an excellent model and one that you should consider if you’ve got a small sized yard that needs regular cutting.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp 14″

Meet the excellent Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO which comes equipped with a 13 amp motor, and a 14-inch cutting path. You get a 3 position cutting height adjustment, as well as a 10.6 Galon bag for holding grass clippings. As this is the pro version, you also get a rear discharge option via a chute.

The steel blade is great for cutting and is durable enough to keep you going for the long-run. Something we’re really impressed with by Sun Joe products, in general, is the great customer promise they offer. You get a two-year manufacturer warranty, so if you have any trouble with the mower in the first two years get in touch with the Sun Joe team to get your issues resolved. This is a great quality mower that definitely belongs on our list of inexpensive mowers for small yards.

Mowing Small Yards

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best tools for the job, let’s take a look at the act of mowing a small yard. When it comes to physically mowing smaller yards you don’t need to worry about opting for battery powered mowers as your extension cable should easily span the entire length of your yard. Lawnmowers with extension cables tend to be the cheapest, so this means the investment should be pretty light on your wallet.

Another advantage of having a smaller area to tackle is that fact that it will take much less time. This is especially true if you have an even flat surface. Many people associate smaller yards with being easy to maintain, but that’s not always the case. Small yards on steep slopes might require the use of a corded string trimmer as well as a lawnmower. Using a mower on too steep a hill is likely to cause you discomfort and increase the risk of injury, we’d advise against it.


Overall, mowing a small yard should be a relatively pain-free experience. You can get your hands on some great quality lawn mowers for a very reasonable price. Investing in quality means your mower should last you for years to come. We’d recommend opting for a product with a good warranty if possible. This helps to give you assurance and added protection for your purchase. We hope this guide has helped you in your search, and you now feel familiar with some of the top lawn mowers for small yards available to date.

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