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The Best Garden Sprayers

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Finding an excellent garden sprayer can be difficult. It’s not as simple as it sounds, and you need to consider a variety of factors which we touch on later in the article. First up, we review some of the outstanding garden sprayers available to date.

We found the My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer to be our favorite garden sprayer to date, to find out why keep reading! Below we’ve listed 6 of the best garden sprayers which you’ll find highly effective.

1. My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

First up we’ve got the My Sons 4-gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer. This battery powered sprayer combines an onboard battery operated pump with the convenience of a backpack for ease of use.

This 4-gallon sprayer claims outstanding spray features. It includes a rolling cart and a 13-gallon accessory tool bag with three outside pockets for storage on the go. It also features an extended 15-foot hose and spray pistol with an HD stainless steel wand. Great for reaching those out of the way areas and assuring even coverage.

The My four sons sprayer is one of the most powerful battery operated sprayers available on the market. It has a whopping automatic 60 PSI pump and adjustable output that can spray up to 30 feet.

2. Roundup PRO 190411

The Roundup Pro is the next on our list of garden sprayers, it’s a versatile 3-gallon sprayer that is packed with tons of useful features. This commercial grade sprayer is built to withstand the harshest chemicals. This results in an extended spray life for the built-in steel spray wand.

The Roundup supports chemical concentrates that save you time and money. Using concentrates with this sprayer can literally save you dollars per gallon vs. ready to use containers. The teardrop design provides this sprayer with a low center of gravity adds to stability while in use.

3. Field King Professional 190328

The next sprayer on our list is the Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer. The Field King professional sprayer delivers an easy to use spraying session with its’ backpack pump designed to resist leakage.

This backpack sprayer delivers up to 150 PSI and is designed with a durable 21-inch poly wand boasting Viton seals for added leak protection. The Field King is a diaphragm backpack, meaning it’s great for using with wettable liquids and powders for all applications.

4. Smith Performance Sprayers R200

The next sprayer that made our list is the Smith Performance Sprayer R200. This professional grade sprayer promises to deliver the ultimate in chemical resistance and long-lasting use. It boasts a high-efficiency battery operated pump that requires 25% fewer pumps than similar sprayers in its’ class and hand operated sprayers.

The spray wand is an impressive 21-inch stainless steel wand that is sure to provide steady even coverage during application.

5. VSE Garden Sprayer On Wheels

Next up we’ve got the VSE Garden Sprayer on wheels. This is one of the most versatile and featured packed sprayers on the list. It has automatic onboard features and an easy grip handle for comfort. The easy fill tank, and the built-in battery operated pump can handle up to 1 gallon per minute at 45 PSI. The sprayer can run up to 40 minutes per battery charge.

It comes with a 9-foot coiled hose, and lever operated handgun. This battery powered sprayer has a fully adjustable nozzle that can spray up to an incredible 10 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally so that you never miss your target.

6. Chapin International 63985 Black & Decker Backpack Sprayer

The Chapin Sprayer is a Black and Decker backpack sprayer that provides up to 1.75 hours of continuous spraying using the included rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The backpack provides comfortable Deluxe Padded Shoulder. This is great for those of you who will need a sprayer for extended use.

You’ll love the reach of this sprayer. With vertical distances of up to 27 feet and a horizontal reach of 35 feet.

Buying Garden Sprayers

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Consider Your Needs

As you can see from the reviews, there are many available options out there when it comes to reliable garden sprayers. To choose the garden sprayer that is going to deliver the results that you’re looking for, there are several important factors to consider.

Important factors that you want to consider when you’re getting ready to buy are the amount of time your project will take to complete, how large the project is overall, the features and accessories that you’d like to have and how much sprayer you can actually afford.

It is important to assess the size of your upcoming projects to help you determine how to choose the best sprayer to complete the project in the least amount of time.

Knowing how long the project is expected to take will define whether a battery operated or automatic sprayer versus a hand pump operated sprayer is required.

Projects that are expected to take a long time will do better with battery operated pumps and backpack pumps. This is because a battery operated backpack pump allows for continued uninterrupted spray and faster coverage.

Hand operated sprayers are better for small quick projects to avoid long project times and becoming overtired during use.

The size of your project is another vital factor to consider as this is also going to play a significant role in the type of sprayer that you’ll need to buy in order achieve the best coverage results.

Garden Sprayers At A Glance

Garden sprayers are useful for many outdoor functions. Useful to treat an area with herbicides to encourage growth and flourishing of plants. Sprayers are great for addressing problem areas and to rid your lawn and landscape of intrusions such as weeds, overgrowth, and unwanted pests.

It is recommended that you have more than one sprayer on hand to tackle the varying needs of your landscape and to avoid cross chemical contamination. For example, you shouldn’t use a pesticide sprayer to spray an area that has edible plants in your landscaping.

Be sure to consider what kind of issue you plan to resolve or treat when purchasing your garden sprayer.

Herbicide Sprayers

Designed for delivering herbicides to landscapes, plants, and other foliage.

Pesticide Sprayers

Designed for delivering pesticides to treat a landscaping problem such as overgrowth, pests, or other issues. For more information, see pesticide application.

Backpack Sprayers

These sprayers combine the convenience and comfort of a backpack with the features of your sprayer. Some backpacks add automation into the mix for comfort and speed.

Wheeled Sprayers

These pull behind sprayers are on wheels and are designed for spraying and covering large areas. The chemicals being applied are contained in the well of this sprayer on wheels and can also be combined with automation to treat a broad application area.


Automatic or battery operated pumps cover a larger area and can provide consistent operation versus hand-held pumps that can only work for as long as the user can manually pump. Battery operated and automatic sprayers come in backpack and other forms. Pairing automatic sprayers with backpack type features is a good idea for larger projects. Because they will take more time to complete. Hand Operated Pumps-provide manual operation for your garden spraying projects. Hand operated pumps are best used for projects that will take a short amount of time.

Chemical Resistance is Critical. It is crucial to choose pumps that are designed to be exceptionally chemically resistant as garden sprayers are designed to manage the application of various chemical types. As we discussed above, sprayers may be used for the application of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Chemically Resistant sprayers are a great way to extend the lifetime of your sprayer. Giving assurance that your sprayer performance isn’t degraded by the different chemicals that pass through your sprayer. To prevent cross-contamination and undesired results, it is recommended that you keep more than one sprayer on hand for herbicide applications and another on hand for pesticide applications. Label the two to avoid any mishaps.


How do I choose between a battery operated and hand operated sprayer? Remember, consider the size of your project and the amount of time that it will take to complete. Smaller projects are easy to achieve with hand pumps. More extensive and ongoing projects will do better with battery operated sprayers.

What is the main difference between herbicides and pesticides? Herbicides encourage the growth of plants, flowers, weeds, and foliage. Pesticides are designed to discourage the growth of plants, flowers, weeds, and foliage.

How do I choose between a backpack or a hand operated sprayer?

Choose the sprayer type that is going to provide the most comfort while using the best application method. For large projects that cover a more extensive distance, you may want to consider a backpack sprayer.

Final Thoughts

We’re hoping that by now, you should feel ready to go out and purchase your next sprayer. Remember to keep in mind important factors like sprayer construction, automation, and remaining in compliance with local regulations and laws. Speaking of spraying, if you’re looking for something to spray your grass with water, why not check out our lawn sprinkler buyers guide.


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