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The Best Garden Hose Nozzle

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Garden hose nozzles are a great way to turn your garden hose into an “all in one” for watering jobs. Attached to the end of your hose pipe they allow you to alter the pattern and flow of the released water.

The benefit to you is that you’re able to use your hose for a variety of jobs that it wasn’t perfect for before. In this post, we’ll review some excellent models and give you information on nozzles to help you find the best garden hose nozzle for your needs.

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best garden hose nozzles available to date.

Gardaco Premium Metal Hose Nozzle

If you’re looking for a versatile hose nozzle and one that’s easy to use this is exactly what you’re looking for. You get nine spraying patterns including jet, shower, mist and angled spraying.

Made from high-quality solid aluminum there’s no questions asked of this nozzles durability, especially with it being leak free. Versatility wise this nozzle is great, you get 9-way spray patterns which can easily be switched by turning the nozzle. This nozzle fits all standard garden hoses and you also get a useful hands free clip. Finished in chrome this nozzle is built to be sturdy, functional and also pleasing on the eye.

Dradco Heavy Duty Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle

We’d recommend this fireman style hose nozzle from Dradco to anyone looking for an excellent high-pressure performance. If you’re looking for something powerful to get the dirt off your patio or something to increase your reach for watering your lawn this is your nozzle.

Durability is an important feature for any hose nozzle and the high-quality material means this nozzle is built to last. Constructed from high-grade brass and stainless steel. The grip is rubberized making it comfortable to hold and easy to use. It’s leak proof and compatibility wise it’s great as it fits any standard sized hose. The manufacturer recommends 5/8″ or larger for optimal performance.

ESOW Garden Hose Nozzle

Not a fan of plastic or rubber nozzles? we might have just the thing for you. This all metal nozzle really is built to last for years. With enough modes for most garden jobs, you won’t outgrow it any time soon.

This is incredibly durable with a full metal construction consisting of brass and zinc. You’ll be pleased to hear the nozzle is also leak proof. It’s highly compatible and fits all 3/4″ standard garden hoses. The nozzle is adaptable to your job and has 4 different watering patterns including jet and fan options. A great feat is that you don’t need to apply any pressure at all if you don’t want to. This is thanks to the hands-free buckle which can hold the water on so you don’t have to.

Gilmour 857302-1001

If you’re looking for an all metal nozzle, without the high price tag the Gilmour 857302-1001 is the perfect solution. The price tag really is incredibly reasonable compared to some of the other nozzles at your disposal.

It comes with a threaded front intended for allowing you to attach cleaning tools. You also get control over the flow with a dial allowing you to customize the water steam force. This makes the nozzle suitable for those jobs requiring powerful streams, as well as more delicate jobs. As we mentioned earlier, the nozzle is all metal and with a steel and brass construction, you can be confident it’s made to last.

INNAV8 Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

We’d recommend this nozzle from INNAV8 if you’re looking for a nozzle that’s high on functionality but little on price. You get an impressive 10 different spray patterns, which is brilliant considering it will cost you so little.

With 10 spray patterns and a low price tag somethings got to give right? Wrong. This nozzle is leak free thanks to a precision threaded connection and a rubber gasket. It has easy to use no squeeze functionality, meaning it’s light on the hands even after extended use. You get a bag of different modes including shower, jet, mist and stream spray patterns. This is a very well rounded nozzle considering its cost and if you’re working to a tight budget we urge you to give this a try.

Finding a Garen Hose Nozzle

Hose nozzle buyers guide section

rgaudet17 @ pixabay

In this section of the post we’ll be running through the basics of hose nozzles or “spray nozzles“. This should help you fully understand them, and help you identify what you’re looking for before you purchase one. First up, what exactly is a garden hose nozzle?

“A garden hose nozzle is an attachment that you add to the end of your hose, allowing you to manipulate the flow of water. Alterations include the pressure of the water released as well as the surface area it covers” Gardenknow

So now you know what a nozzle is, why should you use one?

You can turn your garden hose into a multi-purpose watering machine. Nozzles with multiple flow settings allow you to easily adjust water output based on the task at hand. For example, if you’ve got some stern dirt on your patio you might need something more powerful. If you want to water a delicate plant you’re going to need a gentle water flow.

Ultimately, a garden hose nozzle helps you adjust your standard hose water flow. The benefit to you as a gardener is that your hose can now cater to a variety of jobs it couldn’t before.

What Should I look for in a Garden Hose Nozzle?

In this section of the post, we’ll be exploring what you should look out for when buying a garden hose nozzle. Here are a few quick points, we’ll expand on them later.

  • Look for something leak free
  • Find something that fits your budget
  • Make sure you check customer reviews (positive & negatives)
  • Make sure it fits your hose size
  • Make sure it has the correct functionality

Some of the points we raised above are fairly self-explanatory however, we should elaborate on some of the less obvious points:

Fits your Hose Size

What on earth is my hose size? Relax! Many hose nozzles will fit most standard sized hose pipes, unless you bought a specialist hose pipe it’s pretty likely that the nozzle will fit your hose.

If not, lots of online stores have free delivery and returns. So, if you need to return a nozzle because it doesn’t fit it won’t be the end of the world. However, it’s best to do your homework up front to prevent you from needing to make a return.

Correct Functionality

It’s really important you understand what you’ll be using the nozzle for before you buy it. For example, imagine the sole purpose of buying a nozzle is to achieve high-pressure water output. Recognizing this upfront would help you know what you’re looking for. You might be better off buying a nozzle purely intended for this purpose rather than a one size fits all.

On the flip side, you might be looking for a nozzle to cater to all of your watering needs. In this case, a hose nozzle with a variety of spray patterns would be a huge benefit. The key to buying a water nozzle is understanding what you’ll use it for specifically.

Other Considerations

It’s important you don’t rush into buying a hose nozzle. This means knowing exactly what you’re looking for before you buy one. In this section we’ll go through some additional considerations you should make before committing to a purchase.


Patterns refer to the different modes of water release, often suited to different types of use. These include patterns such as Jet and Shower. Be sure to check the patterns your nozzle has before buying. The video below is an example of a few different pattern settings:

Duration of Use

If you’re looking for something to use over long durations, you’ll definitely need to consider comfort. You can look for lighter nozzles that will be easier on the hand. Another thing to look out for are no press nozzles. These can include buttons rather than grips. Alternatively, clips can hold the grip for you preventing the need for you to put pressure on it.

You might think that this doesn’t make much of a difference. Having to grip the pressure for long durations can really take a toll on your hands during a long job. If you can find a nozzle with pressure assistance we’d highly recommend it.

The Material

The material the nozzle is made out of will hugely affect the user experience you get. If you opt for something made entirely of metal, it’s likely to be more durable but also heavier.

A plastic nozzle will be lighter to hold but perhaps less sturdy. If you’re planning on getting light use out of the nozzle plastic will be fine, but for heavy use, you may need to consider a nozzle with some form of metal construction.

Common materials used with nozzles include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Rubber
  • Plastic


The great thing about water hose nozzles is how versatile a tool they are. A hose without a nozzle has a single output flow unless you use the finger over the hole trick! A hose pipe with a nozzle attached to the end is a whole new ball game.

For example, cleaning your concrete patio becomes a doddle If your nozzle comes with the jet pattern. This is because the jet setting gives a more high-pressure release than your regular hose. Speaking of pressure, do you clean your car with a jet wash? If so you’ll be amazed by the job a hose nozzle can do. You don’t quite get the same amount of pressure but they still do a great job when it comes to cleaning cars.

If you’ve got the shower setting you’ll be amazed by the spread of water when it comes to watering your lawn. Allowing the water to come down in a more natural rain type mist rather than the concentrated flow associated with a regular hosepipe. Hose nozzles are a great tool for anyone that takes pride in the upkeep of their yard.

Final Thoughts on Water Hose Nozzles

When it comes to gardening, some accessories are a gimmick, while some really improve the way we operate. We’d class garden hose nozzles as an excellent tool for increasing the efficiency of garden hose pipes. They make your hose more suitable for a range of jobs around your garden and are nice and easy to use.

They’re a fairly low-cost accessory so you have little to lose. Also as we said earlier, many retailers offer free returns so if your hose pipe doesn’t fit or you’re unhappy, you’re covered.

You should feel comfortable now when it comes to buying a water hose nozzle. Remember, consider the functionality you need from a nozzle before you buy. This will help you to make sure the nozzle has the right settings for your job. Also, remember to check out reviews online. Even if you’re buying the nozzle in store it’s worth searching for it online to get feedback from people who’ve used it. We hope you feel ready to get yourself the best garden hose nozzle for your needs and it brings you and your garden plenty of joy.

If you’re looking for other accessories related to hoses check out our post on garden hose reels where we review some great options.  


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