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The Best Garden Gloves For Hand Protection

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Many gardeners overlook the fact that hands are one of the most vital tools you have when it comes to gardening. So, it’s only right that you give them the protection they deserve. In this article, we’ll be exploring what exactly makes a great pair of gloves for gardening, as well as a review of our favorites so that you can track down the best garden gloves for your required use.

The Best Garden Gloves On The Market

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Finding the best garden gloves isn’t as simple as picking the first pair you find on the shelf. You need to consider a variety of attributes such as material, fit, and price. It’s always worth doing as much research as possible before deciding which pair to buy. You don’t want to make a poor buying decision based on a lack of research up front. For example, buying a pair of gloves that aren’t waterproof would be a mistake if you live in a damp climate.

Below is a list of the 5 excellent choices of garden gloves:

LilGardens Long Cuff Garden Gloves

The long cuff on these gloves helps ensure that your hands are wrists are protected while gardening. Both the hand and cuff are made of the same durable cowhide material. All of the cowhide is 100% top-grain to make sure it is both long-lasting and effective.

There is elastic in the wrists of these gloves, which is great for keeping dirt and bugs from getting into them. You can cinch them for a personalized fit. The palm is reinforced to add comfort. These gloves are very soft and will mold to your hand well. They are very stylish while still being tough enough for all of your gardening needs.

As a bonus, the manufacturers of these gloves treat them to be water-resistant. You can use these gloves no matter what the weather conditions and plant types are where you live. These are some of the best gardening gloves that money can buy and are sure to last you for years to come.

Euphoria Garden Thornproof Leather

If you are handling plants or flowers with a lot of thorns, these might just be the gardening gloves for you. They are made of real leather and lined with fleece to make sure you are comfortable. Despite being durable and made of thick leather, these gloves are still flexible enough for you to do what needs to be done in your garden.

These gloves will protect your arms all the way up to your elbows. They are great for both men and women who do heavy-duty gardening. You can use these gloves to prune rose bushes, blackberry bushes, and cacti. They are also great for anyone who needs to pull up poison ivy or oak. The palm is reinforced so you don’t have to worry about injuries while gardening.

The fleece used inside of the gloves is light enough that they won’t cause you to sweat while you work. These gloves are designed to breathe. You can use these gloves for a variety of things on top of gardening, such as chopping firewood and working on your car.


FirTree Brand Leather Gardening Gloves

These incredibly soft gloves are made of genuine goatskin leather. The sleeves are made of cowhide, meaning you are protected all the way up to your elbows. The gloves are not so bulky that they will make you uncomfortable. If you are wanting gloves that are 100% leather, these may be the ones for you.

You can throw these gloves in the washing machine to keep them looking good. The included instructions make sure you can get them clean while not impacting the durability. They even come with a reusable cloth bag, ideal for keeping them safe or for giving them as a gift.

If you are needing puncture resistant gloves, these are a great option. They are great for all sorts of prickly bushes as well as pulling poison oak and ivy. Leather is the preferred material for many serious gardeners because of how much protection it offers. These leather gloves are very breathable and can be worn for long periods of time comfortably.

Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves

Being stylish is only one of the things these gloves have going for them. This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, showing how confident the manufacturer is in their product. They are made using natural goatskin leather, meaning they are both durable and breathable. You can expect these gloves to not be scratched or cut.

If you suffer from arthritis or have other hand/wrist issues, these are a great option for you. The special stitching around the thumb is designed to help you grip gardening tools. This reduces the strain on your wrists greatly. Even people without any issues in their hands or wrists will find these gloves more comfortable to use than most.

When using these gloves, you do not have to worry about injuries to your hands or knuckles. You also should not experience any skin irritation. They are great for keeping your hands nice and clean while you work in the dirt. Be sure to carefully consult their sizing chart to get the best fit for you.

Foxgloves Grip Gloves

If you are looking for slightly shorter gloves, these are definitely ones to consider. Rather than leather, these gloves are made from Supplex nylon. This is a great material for gardening gloves because it is tough while still feeling soft on your hands. The gloves are water-resistant, which is great for dewy mornings.

You can get these gloves in a variety of colors, making them more personal than some of the other options out there. They are form fitting due to the Lycra in them. The ability to stretch ensures that they fit perfect every time and keep the bugs and dirt out. There are silicone grip ovals on the fingers to help you grasp your gardening tools.

These gloves are great because they have a 50 UPF rating to protect your hands from the sun. They can even be thrown in both the washer and the dryer to keep clean. Just be sure to dry them on low heat.

Garden Gloves Buyers Guide

Garden gloves buyers guide.


When you get into gardening, you quickly realize how important a good pair of gloves is. They can protect your hands and lower arms from thorns and other sharp objects in your garden. Not all gloves are created equally. There are several things to consider when shopping for the optimal garden gloves for you.


You are buying gloves that are going to come into contact with thorns, rocks, sharp twigs, and maybe even scissors. It is important that they are made of a material that can stand up to all of that. Leather is a popular choice among gardeners because it is so durable.

Some people complain that leather gloves are not very flexible, making them uncomfortable and awkward to use. Synthetic materials can be almost as durable while still being maneuverable and allowing your hands to breathe.


It is an unfortunate truth that the most comfortable gardening gloves on the market are also usually the flimsiest. While cotton is a great feeling material, it offers very little in the way of protection for your hands.

You may have to sacrifice a little comfort in order to get a pair of gloves that are tough enough for your gardening jobs.

That being said, there are several pairs of gloves on the market that do a decent job balancing both durability and comfort.


The whole point of gardening gloves is to protect your hands while you work. If you are working on particularly tough jobs, you may want to consider a pair of gloves with strategic padding. Palms, fingers, and knuckles are all popular places to add some padding. Be sure that there is not so much padding that you lose flexibility in the gloves.


Even though you want your gloves to be tough and offer a great deal of protection, they need to remain flexible. You will want to be able to grip your gardening tools easily. If you purchase leather gloves, you will need to be especially careful about flexibility.

Trying gardening gloves on before buying them is always a good idea. You should be able to easily make a fist with them. You should also be able to stretch your fingers apart. If you are shopping online, you may have to rely on user reviews to learn about the flexibility of the gloves. Keep in mind, most gloves are a little rigid at first and will loosen up over time.

Wrist Closure

Most people prefer gloves that have a wrist closure of some sort. They keep the dirt and bugs from getting into the gloves and irritating your hands. Most often, you will find Velcro, elastic, or hook-and-loop closures. Any of these are a good option for keeping your gloves nice and tight while you work. Velcro is especially good because it can fit almost any wrist size.


For garden gloves, you will probably want to avoid one-size-fits-all products. The exception to this would be if they are made of a stretchy material. Look for gloves that come in a wide range of sizes so you can find the ones that will fit your hands best.

Keep in mind that gloves can either be for men, women or be unisex.

Women with smaller hands may find unisex gloves too big to be comfortable.

Reinforced Fingertips

One great feature you can get in some garden gloves is reinforced fingertips. This is the area of the gloves that usually takes the most abuse and wears out the quickest. A good pair of gloves will have an extra layer there to make sure this doesn’t happen. This layer also acts as extra protection for your fingers, which are often the first part of you to encounter sharp unseen objects.

The one thing to keep in mind with reinforced fingertips is they can reduce your ability to feel delicate objects, such as tiny seeds. For people who only do light gardening, they can be more of a hindrance than a help.


There are some gloves on the market that have been treated to be waterproof. The coating most commonly used to achieve this is nitrile. You will most commonly find this treatment on the fingertips and palms, although it is possible to find gloves that are waterproof everywhere. The only downside to this feature is it can keep moisture in as well as out. If you tend to sweat a lot, gloves that are waterproof may not be best for you.


There is a pretty decent range of prices when it comes to gardening gloves. You can likely find a cheap pair of cotton ones for less than $5. On the other hand, if you want gloves that will last you for years to come, you could be looking at spending upwards of $50. Remember, you get what you pay for and a good pair of gloves can make your gardening much more enjoyable.

Material Choices

A lot of the qualities of your garden gloves will depend on what they are made out of. There are five main materials you will see when shopping for garden gloves:

  • Split Cowhide: This may be the most durable of all of the leathers. It is not very flexible, making it a better choice for the cuffs or rose gauntlets than the gloves themselves.
  • Pigskin Leather: Many gardeners find this to be the best choice because it is tough, flexible, and affordable.
  • Goatskin Leather: This is a pricey option that is found most commonly on high-end gloves. It is very durable while at the same time being flexible and soft. People love these gloves because they are very puncture-resistant.
  • Synthetic Leather: Gaining in popularity, gloves are often reinforced in the palm with synthetic leather. It is a machine-washable material that provides a decent amount of protection.
  • Cotton: If you do not need much protection, you can consider cotton gloves. They are the cheapest and will not last you nearly as long as the other types. On the plush side, cotton gloves are very lightweight and breathable.

Final Thoughts

With a little research, it is possible to find a pair of garden gloves that will protect your hands from both injury and dirt when carrying out yard work. Take the time to find ones that fit your needs and your budget. You will find your gardening to be much more enjoyable once you find the right pair for you. For more information on garden gloves check out this post.

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