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The Best Folding Saws

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It’s important to get the right qualities for your money when buying a folding saw. You’ll want something lightweight as something heavy can be difficult for when using the saw with things such as ladders. A good folding saw is robust and durable enough to last, but also comfortable to hold making the quality of the handle and important factor. Below is a list of the 5 best folding saws on the market which will make cutting trees and branches easy.

Barnel USA Pruning Saw Z600

If you have big pruning jobs around your yard or job site, this Barnel saw will be a handy thing to have. It claims to have the world’s biggest folding saw blade, making it ideal for pruning hard to reach areas. The blade itself is 23.5″ and when it is locked open it lengthens to a staggering 52.5″.

The blade is made of high carbon steel which means it will last you through job after job. The curvature ground tri-edge teeth are laser pulse hardened. All those fancy words basically mean it will cut nice and smoothly on the pull stroke. Being a hollow ground blade, the speed and performance are increased.

For safety, they have included a dual lock on the blade. The grip is also non-slip TPR. Throw in the convenient carrying case, and you have a user-friendly folding saw.

Due to its size, it may not be the best folding saw to throw in your backpack for hiking or camping.

That isn’t to say it wouldn’t be useful; if you have room for it, it would be excellent for cutting firewood and general survival out in the wilderness.

If you require a saw that is bigger than most and can make swift, clean cuts, this Barnel model may be the best folding hand saw for you.

Bahco folding pruning saw

This saw was designed in Sweden, a place famous for its blades. Although it is considerably smaller than the last hand saw, being only 7.5″, it is still incredibly useful for pruning. Being roughly 12.5″ long when folded makes it a more portable option.

One great thing about this product is that it comes with a backup blade. Switching the blades is very easy. The only tool you will need is a screwdriver and you only need to turn one bolt. Also, it is easy to find additional replacement blades if you need them down the road.

The teeth are three-sided. It is coated to make it low-friction, making it ideal for pruning green wood. That being said, it will work great on any wood type. The tooth design on the blade is made to not clog while cutting hard and dry wood. With it, you can produce fine, clean cuts.

As for safety, this blade can be locked in both the open and closed positions. A button also releases the blade when you are ready to use it.

The overall design is compact and includes an ergo-comfort handle so your grip stays secure.

Samurai FA-210-SH folding saw bamboo with spare blade

This Japanese saw has so much more to offer than its awesome name. The blade is approximately 8.25″ long. The saw will fold down to roughly 9.4″. This saw was specifically designed for pruning bamboo, tough dry wood, and fruit trees. It can even cut through PVC piping.

Due to the straight-blade design, the manufacturers recommend using this saw to cut below shoulder height. The handle includes a rubber cushion for comfort as well as to prevent slipping. To further prevent accidentally dropping this knife, they have notched the end of the handle.

The blade has impulse hardened teeth and will stay sharper longer than many other conventional saws. The blade is made to deliver precise cuts when being pulled back. It has a taper ground blade, meaning the size decreases from the tip of the blade to the handle. This makes it more durable. It also comes with a spare blade, which means you will not have to worry about not being able to use this saw for a long time.

Being red and green, it is one of the more unusual looking pruning saws you will find.

Combine that with the name, and you have a pruning saw that can get the job done and double as a conversation piece.

Folding Pruning Saw – Spear & Jackson

This 12″ blade is so durable that the company offers a 10-year warranty on it. With its ultra-sharp precision teeth, this blade is great for cutting branches up to 3.5″ thick.

Being made out of high carbon steel means the blade will stay nice and sharp for many years to come. It is ideal for cutting both living and green wood around your yard and garden. The razor-sharp teeth are precisely ground to offer consistently clean cuts without getting clogged.

Coming with a non-slip comfort grip is just one way they have designed this saw to be safe. Spear & Jackson has also included a dual locking feature. This means the blade can be locked both open and closed. When not in use, this saw folds easily for storage. This helps prevent injury as well, to both you and the blade.

Spear & Jackson has a reputation for making high-quality gardening tools and this product is no exception. It is rare to find a 10-year warranty on any product. It is also one of the more affordable saws on the list.

Due to this, it is a great buy for any homeowner that is new to pruning and landscaping.

Husqvarna 200Fo Hand Saw

This lightweight saw is the most affordable option on the list. It features an 8″ blade and is 21″ long when fully extended. It has a straight saw blade. Despite the low price, this saw could very well be on of the best folding saws on the market.

Being incredibly easy to use, this saw is great for trimming branches and other jobs around your lawn and garden. The blade uses impulse-hardened precision toothing that was ground three times. It is hard-chrome-plated for durability. It also claims to be highly resistant to rust.

The notched blade means you can make clean cuts with very little force. They have included a stop at the end of the blade to prevent slipping. This feature is especially handy as you pull the blade back towards you.

Coming with a slightly angled handle, this saw is very comfortable to grip. It is big enough that you could use it with two hands if the job required. The lock button on this saw will actually hold it in three different positions.

This saw is definitely a contender for anyone not wanting to break the bank. It offers many of the same features as the more expensive saws.

Best Folding Saw Buyer’s Guide

Best Folding Saw Buyers Guide


If you are a serious gardener or wanting to become one, you will have discovered how essential having a good pruning saw is. Many people prefer folding saws to fixed blade ones for their convenience.

Folding saws are much safer to carry around as well as easier to store.

Pruning saws are unique because they are intended to cut things off of live trees and shrubs. Pruning is done not only to improve the look of your yard but also to help keep your greenery healthy. It also helps fruit trees and flowers be more productive.

When shopping for your new folding saw, there are several things to keep in mind. This buyer’s guide was created with the goal of preparing you to make your purchase, as well as highlight the reasons that a pruning saw is a great tool.

Why Buy a Folding Saw

If you are in the market for a folding pruning saw, you probably have already seen some uses for one around your own home. Here are some of the major reasons people buy one:


Pruning shears are a great tool but they simply won’t cut it for some jobs. They lack the reach for high branches and the power for thicker ones. Folding pruning shears give you the length you need while also being compact enough to easily store.


You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to have a beautifully landscaped lawn. Pruning saws make it easy to have uniform shrubs as well as have gorgeous trees and bushes.

Plant Health

When a tree gets a disease, the best thing you can do for it is to remove the infected branches. By using a pruning saw to do this, you reduce the chances of the infection spreading.

Ease of Use

Folding saws are a great buy because they are safer to carry around and take up less space in your garage or tool shed.


Folding pruning shears are great for throwing in with your camping equipment. They can help you cut firewood and serve as an all-around great survival tool.

Blade Type/Material

You will find that your pruning saw can either have a straight or a curved blade. While straight blades are more common in folding saws, you can find some with a slight curve. For this decision, it is important to be familiar with the types of branches you will be cutting. A curved blade is considered better for smaller branches. A straight blade is easier to work through a thicker branch. That being said, many people report not noticing a difference between the two.

No matter the shape of the blade, you will want a razor-sharp one. A dull blade will take forever to cut with.

There are several variations in the materials saw blades can be made from. For a folding saw, you will most often find some sort of steel. High carbon steel is great because it is very durable. You can also find pruning saw blades that have a special coating to help reduce friction. This makes the job much less tiring.

Look for a pruning saw that has a blade you can easily replace. Some will come with spare blades. Others can be ordered online. With some saws, changing out the blade can be done with simple tools in a matter of minutes. Others are nearly impossible to do yourself.


Weight should be a major consideration when shopping for your saw. Odds are, you will have more than a branch or two to cut when you are pruning. Even a seemingly lightweight saw can feel cumbersome after a few minutes of use. You should compare the weight of any saw you want to purchase to your own level of psychical strength.

When using a saw, it is important your hand does not get uncomfortable or fatigued. This can lead to a higher risk of accidents.

Looking for a good handle is important when shopping for a folding saw.

Rubber, or at least a rubber coating, is great on saw handles. Not only is it comfortable, it helps to prevent slipping. Whatever the material is, it should have some give to it. A hard surface will get uncomfortable quickly and can make your hand sweat.

Although the material of the handle is definitely a factor, so is the size of your hand. If you are shopping in a store, you may have the opportunity to grip the saws and see how good of a fit they are. For those that prefer to shop online, the best thing you can do is read reviews to see how comfortable different people found the saws to be.

Finally, the shape of the handle should be considered as well. Some saws have angled handles that make cutting easier. This is ultimately a matter of personal preferences.

Safety Features

All saws are potentially dangerous to use. Due to this, you should definitely be concerned about safety features when shopping for your new pruning saw. Having a locking blade is very important for folding saws. The blade should lock in both the open and closed positions.Some saws come with notches or other features built in to help prevent slipping.

While not entirely necessary, these features do increase your safety on the job.

Just like with any other saw, you should wear safety gear when operating a pruning saw. Goggles and gloves are a must. If you will be working with rose bushes or anything else sharp, consider your clothing choices. Long sleeves and pants would probably be the way to go.

Durability & Warranty

With any purchase, you want to make sure you aren’t getting something flimsy that will not last. One common complaint with pruning saws involves the handle. Many come with plastic ones, and users complain that they break easily. If duct tape won’t fix your handle, you will probably end up needing a new saw.

Many companies offer warranties with their saws. You can even find some that offer a lifetime warranty on their blade. Not only does this show the company is confident in their product, it also means you can rest assured that you will not have to buy a new saw in a year or two.

Tips for Using a Folding Saw

  1. When using your new folding saw for pruning, there are a few things that can make your life a lot easier.
  2. Use gravity to your advantage. Whenever possible, cut downward, from top to bottom.
  3. Always try to avoid making unnecessary cuts to your tree or bushes.
  4. Remove any excess weight, such as smaller branches, before making your cut. This will reduce the likelihood of the branch tearing, which could wound the tree.
  5. Make a small groove where you want to cut first. This will help prevent slipping when you really start sawing.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that a folding pruning saw is only useful for branches between 0.5″ to 5″. If you are needing to cut something larger than that, you are heading into chainsaw territory.

A folding saw is a great investment for any homeowner. You may be surprised at how many uses you find for yours. Hopefully, this guide has helped you determine the best folding saw for you.

For more information on handsaws check out this wiki page.

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