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The Best Corded Leaf Blowers

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A good corded leaf blower can be a real lifesaver, or at least it can save your back a lot of pain and trouble. There’s nothing wrong with a rake. In fact, raking is very zen. However, it is not easy on the back, and it’s not quick. For professionals, those short on time, or people with large yards, the only sensible solution is something more powerful. That’s where your corded leaf blower comes in.

Best Corded Leaf Blowers:

The obvious advantage of a corded leaf blower is that you don’t have to replace batteries or mess about with fuel tanks. They are plug and play as-it-were. While some might find it a minor inconvenience to deal with cords, and even extension cords, it’s easy enough to plug in. Our top five picks will help you find the right corded blower for your needs.

Below we’ve listed 5 of the best corded leaf blowers that we’re sure you’re going to love.

1. Sun Joe 2 Speed Electric Blower

One of the persistent myths about corded blowers is that they are heavy. That’s not the case at all. Thus, our first pick is the surprisingly capable and lightweight Sun Joe Two-Speed Electric Blower.

The easy portability and sheer power impressed us, and we think you’ll be happy with it too. If you have trouble with arthritis or hand strength, this is a great choice. Two speeds give you options without a lot of muss and fuss.

You’ll find that looks can be deceiving. As light and colorful as these blowers are, they are more than up to the task. Use the lower setting to move dry leaves and grass clippings on sunny days. Alternately, you can kick it up a notch and use the more powerful setting to move wet leaves or slightly heavier debris as well. If you have a big job, this surprising little blower will tackle it. Plus, at a mere 4.4 lbs, you won’t be worn out when you finish the job.

Did You Know: The parent company that makes Sun Joe products is called Snow Joe. They have won numerous awards and offer eco-friendly products for yard care in all seasons. We admire the forward thinking and environmentally minded options they provide.

What We Like About The Sun Joe 2 Speed Electric Blower

Having four bright, cheery color options makes us happy. Not a lot of folks have blue or purple blowers. It makes them easy to find and identify, which helps prevent theft. With a blower tube and a concentrator nozzle that come apart for easy cleaning, you won’t have to deal with the challenges of an attached nozzle.

2. Toro UltraPlus 3-in-1 Corded Leaf Blower

When you’re ready for a serious upgrade, the ToroUltraPlus 3-in-1 is your next go-to everything blower. You can swap between functions and do the whole job without having to clean up when you’re done cleaning up if you pick up a 3-in-1. Rather than hauling around bags, mulchers, rakes, vacuums and a blower, make your own life simpler with a sensible product like this.

If you plan to tidy up your yard, keep in mind that the leaf mulch can do more. In addition to being small and easily disposable, you can opt to use your leaf mulch in your garden beds. Not only does it save space in your trash bins, but it will also protect your garden at no extra cost. Whether you need mulch for water retention in warm weather, or to keep your winter garden from freezing too fast, it’s a nice bonus.

Did You Know: Toro has a specific cord lock system for keeping your extension cords in place. If you’re one of those incredibly active users who tends to jar things loose, this feature will help.

What We Like About The Toro UltraPlus 3-in-1 Corded Leaf Blower

You can blow leaves and also vacuum them up for easy disposal when you’re done. Interchangeable parts allow you to have a more customizable experience with more options. It slices, it dices… it does not make julienne fries, but it will handle your leaf mess with ease. We think you’ll be happy with the features and options on this professional blower.

As the Toro company says on their front page, you don’t need any complicated tools or any tools at all to change out the parts on this 3-in-1. We like fast and straightforward, and we’re pretty sure you will too, which makes this an ideal professional or multitaskers tool.

3. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

Small price, small blower, but still mighty. If you need something that’s manageable for your teenagers or elderly parents to use, this blower may be precisely what you’re looking for. Bigger, after all, isn’t necessarily better. For those who need to clean up a small yard, or take things in smaller steps, this is the right choice. It’s also great if you’re learning to use large yard care equipment.

Black and Decker is a well known and respected company that builds a great product. The advantage of going with a company that is a huge name is that they typically know their business. With their focus on innovation and empowering people, Stanley Black and Decker makes excellent products.

Did You Know: Unlike many major tool brands, the Stanley Black and Decker company openly supports sustainability and inclusiveness. It’s a big deal for a tool company to display a pride flag on their webpage for pride month given how stereotypical most industry depictions are, but they are boldly going where others fear to tread. Maybe it’s that forward thinking that helps keep them at the forefront of tool innovation.

What We Like About The BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

The built-in cord retainer means your extension cord won’t fall out as easily. We’ve always liked this feature. All it takes is some forethought from a company to add this neat little time saver. Sometimes we’re not looking for a complicated multi-tool with interchangeable parts. When we just need a tool that does the job, Black and Decker is one of our most reliable go-to companies.

While all leaf blowers make noise, and more of it than first time users will expect, this one is relatively quiet. We always suggest you take proper safety precautions like wearing ear protection, but we also recognize that lower volume means less risk.

4. Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower

A lightweight blower like these Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blowers can be useful all over the house. Blow the dust out of your garage corners, or keep your apartment porch clear of falling leaves. There are so many additional uses for a small leaf blower that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one much sooner.

Did You Know: Greenworks also owns and manufactures Kobalt. While the batteries are proprietary and don’t interchange, it’s nice to know that this modern company hasn’t got all its eggs in one basket. In fact, they just opened up offices in Seattle and Europe back in 2017.

What We Like About The Greenworks Single Speed Electric Blower

Sure, you can spend a fortune, or pick up something so cheap it barely works, but for a great value without breaking your bank, Greenworks is a fantastic choice. You can get a killer leafblower. We mean that literally. There are leaf blowers so powerful that they rip up loose topsoil and your lawn as well if things aren’t just-so when you go to clear the autumn mess away.

Not the Greenworks Single Speed. It’s just enough to clear your driveway and porch off or make a pile of leaves without doing as much potential damage as the big industrial blowers. Like many corded leaf blowers, this one requires you to provide the cord. We really like the fact that the cord kit is an easy, one click away additional buying option.

5. Sun Joe All-Purpose Electric Blower

At a mere 3.9 pounds, this Sun Joe All-Purpose Electric Blower is the lightest of our five favorites. If you’re looking for the top of the line in its weight class, you won’t find a better deal. You get 155 mph blowing power, and a price to match the size. For its easy maneuverability and incredible featherweight package, this is our favorite light duty blower.

We also think you will appreciate the easy product registration process at Sun Joe. They went out of their way to make things as intuitive and straightforward as possible for customers. Any company that puts as much thought into the details as Sun Joe has our vote, as you can see since they made this list twice.

Did You Know: Sun Joe and Snow Joe offer a full lineup of their environmentally forward-thinking outdoor care products. They don’t make gas-powered tools because of the pollution they put out, and as a result, they are one of the fastest growing power tool companies to watch.

What we like About The Sun Joe All-Purpose Electric Blower

This blower weighs less than some teacup dogs. We can’t overstate how much we love the easy to carrySun Joe All-Purpose Electric Blower. You can use this like a hair-dryer for your vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about streaks on the new paint job. While we fully admit the ‘feel’ matters to us more than it should, we like how this fits in our hands.

You can sometimes tell the quality of a tool just by holding it, and when you have one of these in your hands, you can tell it’s well made.

Buying a Corded Leaf Blower

Pile of leaves

A great corded leafblower is essential to DIY lawn and yard care. You can accomplish a lot more in a short time with powered tools like a corded leaf blower in your maintenance arsenal. It may seem like blowing leaves around is a pretty simple process, but there’s more to the art of understanding and using your blower to the best advantage than meets the eye.

For example, a corded blower is seldom the correct choice for cleaning up an orchard, but it can be great for a tree-lined driveway. The orchard has rows of trees you’ll need to navigate around with your cord. This can cause unnecessary tangling and frustration, not to mention wasted time. Meanwhile, a tree-lined drive may need the uninterrupted power of a corded blower, but because it’s a straight shot, there’s no worry over the extension cords stretching out behind you.

Choosing the right model is only the first step in getting the yard of your dreams. Before you rush out and order the model that you liked most from our list, first consider your needs. Do you live on a half acre out in the country where you can make a leaf pile safely away from your home and burn it? If not, then you need to consider your leaf disposal.

If you have garden beds, a mulcher option is perfect for you, but if you like an unbroken expanse of simple green lawn then maybe a vacuum is better instead. Once you know what you need, then all you have left is to learn a little about how to use your corded blower, and you’ll be ready to go.

Blower Safety

Some things are pretty obvious. Never stick your arm inside a plugged in leaf blower. Even if it’s not also a mulcher, it’s just a bad plan. Always disconnect the power source and make sure you’re fully turned off before you try to dislodge or clean anything inside.

Likewise, you want to avoid putting anything else inside your blower, like a stick. It may be frustrating to have to take additional steps to clear a blockage, but you’ll be glad to have all your fingers and your functional leaf blower. Here are a few extra tips to keep yourself and your new blower in peak condition:

Some people use a pressure washer on detachable blower snouts. There’s nothing wrong with getting a sparkling clean nozzle, but always make sure your parts are completely dry before you try to reconnect them.

Dress safely

Protective safety gear

Remember your ear protection and safety goggles. Always wear full sleeves and pants when blowing things around. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to injure yourself with flying debris.

Consider your Surroundings

Watch out for other people and animals. Give everyone 50 feet of space, and turn the blower off if they approach. You can do some pretty severe damage with a blade of grass or stick in a 200+ mph wind. Always make sure your kids and pets know to stay clear and keep an eye out for anyone who might approach.

Never use a blower on large amounts of gravel or gravel dust, plaster dust, construction dirt, cement and concrete dust or dry garden topsoil. You can do a lot of damage throwing dirt at high speeds, not to mention some types of dust have been shown to cause cancer in California.

Make certain you’re standing on solid ground. You should never operate a leaf blower from the top of a ladder or other precarious footing.

Never let kids, people who are under the influence or sick individuals to operate a blower. You need to have your, fully adult wits about you. Yes, we know we mentioned letting your teens learn on one of the smaller blowers on our list. We hope you understand that we mean responsible, mature teenage children who can be trusted with other large equipment, like cars.

Verify Ownership

Always register your blower. While many or even most consumers skip this step, it’s vital. If something should happen to cause a recall, you won’t hear about it as quickly if you’re not registered for one thing. For another, you may need to prove ownership at some point. Such is the case if you have a break in and a burglar takes your tools. For more important guidance on leaf blowers, we’d recommend reading this page.

Electrical Power Requirements

One of the most often overlooked aspects of power tools, and indeed, all powered appliances is the power source. Sockets come in different capacities, as do cords and machinery. Your home isn’t designed to have too much power drawn off of a single point.

If you blow a breaker every time you run your blower, then you need to check your power supply. You may only be asking too much of one wire. It’s easy enough to have a professional electrician check to see if your breaker box or wiring is outdated. Sometimes it’s as simple as unplugging something inside before you use an outside plug that runs on the same line.
Indoor or Outdoor Power Cords

If you’re still learning to DIY your yard, then it may surprise you to learn that the cord you use makes a big difference. Not only do different cables provide different amounts of electricity, but using an indoor cord outside is a big mistake.

An outdoor cord has a durable coating around it for the harsher outdoor climate. Outdoor cables are usually more resistant to wear because they are made to withstand more moisture and weather in general than an indoor cord. If you think about it, this makes sense. An inside cord is probably going to be plugged in and used in the same, dry, climate-controlled environment for a long time. Meanwhile, an outside cable may need to be dragged along behind you in the dirt.


In most homes, your outlets will be 110 or 120 volts. It’s not uncommon to see these referred to as interchangeably. Try not to be confused by this; most standard appliances and machines in the US can run on these power supplies. A 220v socket is too much for a machine with a smaller requirement. It will overheat the wiring. Always do your research when it comes to electricity in the garden, we’d recommend reading this article from RHS.

What Should I Look For in a Leafblower

There are numerous optional features for leafblowers. Knowing what to look for can seem overwhelming, but we’ll help break down some of the easy features for you. When you’re looking at new leafblowers, these four basic features are a great place to start.

  • Nonslip Handles – easier handling is always a good idea since no one wants to lose their grip and drop a tool.
  • Emergency Cutoff Switch –  in a pinch, a quick kill-switch is always a great feature to have on hand.
  • Bottom Mounted Air Intake – this allows the machine to ‘breathe,’ easier.
  • Double Insulation – having extra insulation helps prevent electric shock.

Mulch Ratings

A small side note on the reduction ratios: When you purchase a mulching leaf blower, you will find a reduction ratio somewhere in the included booklet or on the packaging. It will say something like 16:1. This indicates how many bags of leaves your mulcher can reduce into one mulch bag. It’s an excellent feature to keep an eye on if you plan to use a mulcher.

Pro Tip: When plugging into an extension cord, always tie a loose knot out of the ends before plugging them together. This helps prevent you from pulling out of your power source unexpectedly. However, don’t pull the knot tight because that will eventually damage the wires inside that conduct the electricity.

Final Thoughts

For many, an electric blower is the best way to avoid pain and save time. Those who have never handled a leaf blower might find them intimidating, but once you’ve used one, you’ll never look back. Tasks that would take hours to do manually with non-powered tools can be a breeze with a suitable blower. They don’t have to be heavy and awkward. With a useful guide like ours, your leaf blower will be your new favorite tool. If you have questions or comments, please leave a comment and always feel free to share this article with your friends.

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